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Arrrrgh.... Post The Keynote Already...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by alchemistmuffin, Sep 9, 2008.

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    I Am Not Updating My iPod + iTunes Until Apple Posts The Keynote........

    Anyone Hating The Anticipation?

    PS: What happened to iLife 09??????? to go along with iTunes 8?
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    Why won't you upgrade iTunes?
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    Not really, I'm doing fine here :)

    Updated iTunes, and plan on possibly getting my girlfriend a purple iPod Nano for xmas, although she's still quite happy and content with her 2G Blue Nano...
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    because watching the announcement first before updating is the fun of Apple Keynote....

    i usually follow this tradition....


    also, watching the keynote first and then updating will make you feel like you were at the keynote....
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    I want to see the keynote as well. Even though I have seen all of the updates and know what was introduced, I still love watching the "stevenotes".
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    I wonder why Apple is taking so long....

    usually, they are up around 1 PM....

    gahhhhhh , my head and my Mac Pro is going to EXPLODE UNLESS APPLE POSTS THE VIDEO....
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    i was wodering where the keynote is, as it is normaly up near enough straight away?
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    Well, the keynote is up and I skimmed through it and it seems a lot smaller and not that big of a deal as it used to be. It's probably the size of the auditorium that makes it look so inferior to all the other keynotes in the past.
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    It can take Apple several hours to up the keynote. Thats on the assumption they have actually filmed it, I don't believe they've always filmed these 'minor' iPod type events.
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