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Ars Technica reviews Delicious Library, the first title from...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 8, 2004.

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    It's surprising how much buzz this app has created for something fairly mundane - cataloguing! But these guys have a steller background, OmniGraffe is one of my favourite apps, and their philosophy excites me. I can see how this app might be really useful to some people, I'm thinking of my old history lecturer who was forever fretting about his rare books! I really hope this company becomes a success and look forward to more releases in the future. It's things like this that make me love the Mac platform! :)
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    I was intrigued by this product when I first heard about it a couple of weeks ago - now that I've had the chance to play with it a little bit (especially the iSight bar code reading) I'm impressed.

    There are a couple of features I'd like to see in the future (export to web page, mainly) but I think it's safe to say this app rocks.
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    Ok I just played around with this app a bit.
    First of all let me say it's innovative and nicely integrated into OSX. But there are three things besides the unarguable awesome features that would make me stay with DVDpedia.

    1. It's slow as hell. Even with the 25 DVDs in the demo the scrolling is painfully slow and the re-sharpening of the pictures takes a while. I don't want to imagine how this would be with 500+ DVDs

    2. No imdb lookup. Amazon sucks a lot of times and then I'm stuck with manually entering the info? Uhm, no.

    3. No features like smart lists and more imprtantly stuff like last seen dates, etc.

    Although I have to admit that it looks mighty impressive and these features could be implemented pretty fast (ok maybe not a speed increase), I need a DVD catalog now and I don't really care for the CDs, books and games. So I guess I will get the $15 DVDpedia.

    Just my 2¢


    Couple of more observations:

    - speed has increased once I stopped importing songs in iTunes at the same time :D
    - Amazon lookup sucks more than I thought. Without imdb lookup it is virtually useless
    - search only seems to search for the movie titles, not for actors or anything else

    All in all an awesome looking app with awesome features but the most important ones are lacking... sadly.
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    I've been playing around with Delicious Library the past few days, and it is indeed the most enjoyable and pleasurable app of it's kind I've ever seen or used.

    It's the kind of app that you end up leaving on the screen with your DVD or Book library open every time you leave the computer, just so that's the first thing you see when you come back. It's that beautiful.

    I hope everyone who uses this app and thinks it's cool pays for it, because it's most definitely pay-worthy in my book. They paid so much attention to detail. Delicious Monster is the Pixar of software companies. Anyone that can get everyone that excited about a cataloguing application has got a lot going for them. Work it.
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    I am really excited about this program. It is proabably the most innovative use of technology I have seen in a while. I want to try it out when I get home tonight.
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    I'm already testing it, nice if you have a big collection of goodies (Books and cd's) It looks promising...
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    this finally might be what im looking for....downloading now, hopefully i will have time to test it out and give a review later
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    I've been waiting for this for months, ever since I saw the bit on Thinksecret. I've been trying it out now for an hour or so, hooked up my Sony camcorder to it, and works well. It can't find a lot of my games on Amazon with the barcode reader, though. Or my copy of T3. But, its easy to enter it in manually. Over all, very cool.
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    I dl'd the demo and tried inputting a few items laying around my office. When Amazon actually had info on the items (3 of 5) it worked very slick. Missed two items with UPC codes completely, and lacked art/details on a third that it ID'd.
    With decently sized collections of video games, books, dvd's, and cd's, I can see this becoming a must-own and an obsession (all in the name of insurance documentation, of course :rolleyes: ).
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    Something I just noticed, maybe a bit of an egg or something, but every time you put in a Harry Potter book, it'll wait a few seconds, and use the wisper voice and say "Voldemort..." Wierded me out the first time, because I had no idea why it did it, I thought I had accidentally pressed a key or something.
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    well i know that there are plenty of cd and dvd catalouging apps out there, but none for books, as far as i could find at least, im an English major, and let me tell you, i have a LOT of books that i need to keep track of, about 30 a semester to give you an idea, and i do have a nice collection of cds and dvds too, One of my biggest gripes about these apps i the input, its tedious, but the barcode scanning on this baby is awesome, i love it, i need to scrape together my cash now to buy it....
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    I'm having trouble getting it to find any of my games. All recent titles. Works fine with books and movies, though. Anyone had better luck with games?
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    I tried a couple of my games - Metroid Prime and Final Fantasy X worked, XIII didn't.

    edit - Went to Amazon and found XIII (GameCube), found the Amazon serial #, copied it into the info for the game and clicked on "Reload details from Amazon" and it went just fine.
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    Searching by game title seems to be working for me now... go figure.
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    I downloaded this program on monday and then the update two days later. I still have not been able to search for a title using the numbers on a barcode. My barcode reader is not here yet so I tried hand entering the numbers and the software refuses to even start a search. I can search by title but that is a pain in the a%%. I typed in Goodfellas and it came up with ten versions both dvd and tape. I then had to check each films details to find the listing corresponding to my dvd. This is a major pain. I think using Amazon as a database is a huge mistake. I have a slew of foreign discs that have no listing with Amazon. When I had a Windows PC I used DVD Profiler which worked much better for DVD's. Unfortunately it will not run on a Mac unless I use Virtual PC. I like the look and concept but the actual use of the product is poor.

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    You should really try DVDpedia. It's not as visually stunning(more iTunes like) but has way more features and an awesome lookup. I just bought it and am really happy with it.

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