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art work - force change

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mac-I-bear, Dec 3, 2009.

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    i would like to change the original art work on my CDs - i can only change ONE song at a time, every time i select ALL songs in the same CD and do the command-I to get in to the info menu, the art work tab is not there, it only comes up when i select individual songs. - if there is not way through itunes - is there a utility to do these kind of changes - thanks
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    When you select multiple songs, the artwork window is in the lower right of the "Get Info" panel. Just drop your artwork there to change it for all songs in the album. Note that the artwork only appears there when you drag and drop artwork there. It won't show anything in that window if you just "Get Info", even if all songs in the album have the artwork.

    Picture 3.jpg
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    ggjstudios - thank you so very much for the help !!

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