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Artist name showing up twice on ipod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by luckylisp, Apr 8, 2006.

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    For some reason I have Elliott Smith's name showing up twice, (one time it shows up with his from a basement on a hill album, and the other time it shows up the rest of his albums are under it) even though the spelling is the same both times. None of the albums are marked as compilations. Am I missing something? Anyway to change it so his name only shows up once with all the albums under it?
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    Make sure you don't have an extra space somewhere in the name...
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    Thanks for the reply. There is definitely not any extra spaces though. Hmm. It's strange.
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    Select all the affected songs in iTunes, do a File->Get Info, and type in the artist name. That will ensure that all the tracks match.
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    That did it, thanks very much! Strange because it technically didn't change the way the name itself was typed, but it worked nonetheless.
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    iTunes is weird like that. Sometimes the database manages to store information differently from what you see in the info, other times cddb or whatever gets unprintable characters wedged in there. It doesn't help that iTunes is sloppy about rewriting ID3 information, and multiple inconsistent ID3 frames can be stuck in the files.
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    That happened to me with some Daft Punk a while ago, and I would take a guess that the characters where different, even though they look the same. (..Weird guess, but that's all I have)
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    I had the same problem with Basement on a Hill and Xo

    Turned out that one of them had an additional space at the end of Smith.

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