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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by mjpearce023, Sep 24, 2013.

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    I added my music to my iPhone 5s (iOS 7.0.1) and it didn't add the artist pictures in the music app like it did when I added my music to my iPhone 5 with iOS 7. Has anybody else had this problem? It shows album artwork for some artist and just the name for other artist. Ill add a screenshot below. I just noticed today so I will try to resync tonight but I was wondering if anybody else had this issue. I tried searching but didn't find anything.
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    Here is the screenshot

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    I have exactly the same issue with my iPhone. The album art is showing in the album view but not on in the Album view.
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    Same problem here.
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    Same on my 4S since iOS 7!
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    Same here.
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    I just has a look to my wife's iPhone 5 (syncing the same library) and there it look ok. On my iPad I have the same issue.

    Does anybody know how to clear the cache from the music app?
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    I have seen two causes of this issue (there may be more, but these are the two I have experienced).

    First cause (this happened on my daughter's phone): Restoring a backup from a phone backup, and having iTunes set to "Manually manage music and videos". That results in the music app thinking the music and artwork is there (i.e., database restored, so lists it in music app) but the tracks themselves aren't on the phone. To fix this, connect to itunes and manually move music to the phone (per normal process using "manually manage music and videos").

    The second cause, which I had on my 5S: There appears to be a bug in either iTunes or iOS7 Music App related to the handling of "Artist" values that contain special characters like colon (":"), hyphen ("-"), ampersand ("&"), or parenthesis ("()"). To fix this, go into your itunes track list and look for tracks where the "Artist" or "Album Artist" field contains special characters, temporarily remove those special characters, and re-sync the phone. This completely fixed all my album art issues on my 5S. Hopefully Apple will address this bug in a future release, and then the special characters can be used again.
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    Hmm, my 5 on iOS 7 didn't have this problem, but my 5s does. When I upgraded the 5 to iOS 7, I did a fresh install. When I switched to the 5s, I restored from the 5 backup. I'm going to run a fresh install on my 5s tonight (plug into iTunes and restore) and set it up as new and see if the artist pictures come back, so I'll test you're theory.
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    Same on my 5s that I set up as new. Strange since I had no issues with my 4S when I upgraded to 7.0.

    I also have this irritating problem of some Artist images in the showing the thumbnail of a video.
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    the iOS 7 betas used to download artist artwork from iTunes. Does it not do this anymore? I notice in my music app on my 5S, i just see album artwork on the Artists tab.
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    Same for me. It works perfectly on my iPhone 5 but not on my 5s. I used my iPhone 5 iCloud backup to set up my new iPhone 5s.

    I have no idea if the issue is resolved if you set up the phone as new.
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    Update: restored my 5s via iTunes, manually added my music back, and it still isn't giving me Artists pictures like on my 5. Now just gives the album artwork of an album by that artist.
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    Update: My artist are appearing now! All I did was turn iTunes Match on and off

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