ashcroft running roughshod over justice system in Moussaoui case

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by zimv20, Jul 25, 2003.

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    What everyone needs to understand is that their will be massive amounts of classified material that will come out in that trial. That is one reason they want to try all of these folks in a military tribunal. There is past instances of this, and it is legal.
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    there are also ways for the judicial courts to handle classified materials. the article mentions it (i didn't quote that part).

    regardless, ashcroft chose to handle this in the courts. now that his apparent incompetence is getting him smacked, by a guy who's representing himself, he may move it to a military tribunal to guarantee a victory. the article says the evidence is shoddy and circumstantial. have we all judged Moussaoui so guilty, pre-trial, that we're willing to undermine our own constitution? i'm not.
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    I understand your arguement, but when the man says in a pre-trial hearing that he pledges his life to UBL, and that he will do anything for him. That pretty much seals the deal for me you know what I mean.
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    then it should seal the deal for the jury, as well. my fear is that the head of the DOJ doesn't trust the american court system and feels free to circumvent it.

    it undermines the constitution. that's a big deal to me.
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    For an American citizen. Yes, you are right, and I will stand in a picket line right with you. As for this guy. No, he is an illegal alien that has been part of a war. Thus, I think they should just shoot him. But, since I know that won't happen, they should try him under the UCMJ.

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