Ashton Kutcher Movie 'jOBS' to Be Released in April

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Open Road Films has announced that it is the distributor for the Ashton Kutcher-led film jOBS, and that the movie will receive a full release in April of this year, reports Deadline.

    The film will premier at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah later this month.

    Article Link: Ashton Kutcher Movie 'jOBS' to Be Released in April
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    Steve would feel punk'd, I reckon
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    More pub than Sony version

    This version has gotten more publicity than the SONY film based on Jobs. Hoping that it turns out to be good. Reports were that Kutcher took the roll very serious.
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    Movies I'm planning to see in theaters in 2013:
    - jOBS
    - Ender's Game
    ... is that all? Am I missing any? Is the Sony one expected to be any good?
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    I still think it's a bit cheesy to have the lowercase j in the title, but that's just my opinion. We'll see how the actual film itself turns out to be. Truth be told I'm more interested in Sony's film however.
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    Pathetic comments about the film being crap due to Ashton Kutcher in 3...2...1...

    (for the record, when he needs to play a serious role, he does it pretty damn well)
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    jOBS tho? rly?
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    I scoffed at this initially, but I have seen Kutcher play some serious roles and feel that there is some hope here. He certainly looks the part, I'm just having a tough time imagining him as Jobs. Probably because I've still got "Pirates of Silicon Valley" as my standard.
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    I was dreading that day.

    He should stick to cameras.
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    I believe I will see this movie. I know little of Steve Jobs. Should be informative.
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    Really looking forward to this movie. I think Kutcher is by far the best Steve Jobs (young) lookalike in Hollywood. Hopefully it will be truthful to what really happened.
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    I agree with the earlier comments that Kutcher actually does know how to act. And he definitely is the spitting image of the younger Jobs. I'm looking forward to this film.
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    Still a stupid name - it could at least have been iJobs

    Or iSteve.
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    I'm looking forward to seeing another quality Ashton Kutcher film. He's always in total winners.
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    Or, as with many biopics, it could well be a hagiographic, semi-fictionalized, made-up dialogue, historically inaccurate presentation. Or not...:p ;)

    I must disagree with one of the posters above...what little I have seen of Ashton Kutcher (I am, admittedly, not familiar with his entire oeuvre), no matter what is required of him, he is high school awful.

    Just one man's opinion...:D
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    im pretty excited for this movie. i don't know why it has gotten so much hate on the website in the past.
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    Silly capitalisation in the name but I'll certainly be watching the film and I reserve judgement on it until that time.
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    not going to judge it until i see it.
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    There are some things can be given a slide when appearing on the MacRumors front page but anything with Ashton Kutcher shouldn't be one of them.
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    I am looking more forward to this one than the Sony effort. Reason being is that this one seems to be more about the life of Jobs rather than just behind the scenes at product launches like Sony's. I also quite like the play on his name with the small j and think that Ashton Kutcher should be given a chance before slating him..
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    If I didn't know anything about this movie the title makes me think it's a documentary about peoples jobs and the work force. Instead they're relying on some "clever" use of typography for people to make the connection? Simple is better. Should have just gone with "Steve Jobs" and be done with it.

    End of rant.

    I'll wait for the reviews before seeing it in the theater, but I'll still end up seeing it at some point out of pure curiosity.
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    Why the lower-case "j"?


    The "i" has been used a quadrillion times already. It's just too old to use on anything but Apple products, which deserve the "i".
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    It's because of it's star Ashton Kutcher....people don't think very high of him I guess. Me? I don't care. If its good its good, if its not good....well, its not good.
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    Nobody will do a better Jobs than Noah Wiley. And for that matter, nobody will do a better Gates than Anthony Michael Hall.
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    I'll wait for the DVD.


    Jobs? Ill wait for the DVD.

    Ender's Game? Hell yeah!

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