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Aston Martin DBR9...sweetness...

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by edesignuk, Nov 8, 2004.

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    Oh. My. God.

    [edit]Thanks to Wes, more and higher res can be found here :cool:.[/edit]

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    What's the price tag??
    Gotta hurt.
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    WOW, that is one effing sweet machine!

    ...and a great desktop pic for my PB. :)
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    It's going to be running in the Le Mans 24 race, but they will be making 20 road going versions, how much they will be worth is anyones guess.
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    Gee, that paint scheme looks familiar... ;)

    Especially in that spot where I drooled on it :D
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    circa £500k
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    The 575 will own it on the track... ;)
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  9. emw
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    Thanks, edesignuk. Just one more reminder as to how sorry my life is. I drive an f-in' minivan. At least I also have an I30, so I'm not always in suburban parent hell.

    When you get yours, be sure to post some pics. Oh, and keep it away from those guys in white delivery vans.
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    why's it painted like an old Chapman era Lotus anyway??
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    Don't know, don't care. But I want one! :D
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    Am I the only one thinking that this car looks like it's been done over by Nova/Civic/Escort Ice Squad? They've taken a beautiful car and made it look like, well frankly, ugly! Maybe it's the paint job or the horrible shade of yellow lipstick but it's not doing much for me - could make a good villain in the upcoming Pixar 'Cars' movie though!
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    I can see where you're coming from, but this is an extreme car in every sense of the word, the power, the look, it's all totally OTT, as it should be.
  14. Wes
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    Any chance of 1280x1024 res pics?
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    That's all there is....so far ;)
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    What website kicks? :confused: I'm waiting for HighResAutoImages to get some 1600x1200 versions of these, here's hoping :)
  18. Wes
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    thats the one they had on top gear right? awesome! did you see what cars they were putting against each other on the track next week? i think it was a ferrari and an aston, but did anyone catch what models it was? They were the racing versions? looked like so much fun, have you seen that you can win the chance to drive about on the top gear track with their latest competition? :D
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    Yup :D
    The new Ferrari 575 something or other, and the new Vanquish S.

    Can't wait!
  23. Wes
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    And the Lamborghini Murcielago.
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    I am a Porsche person but the DB9 pretty cool. Hope it beats up some Ferraris. Also I wonder if they will have one in the Rolex 24 down here at daytona.
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    Lord Blackadder

    *Very* nice...

    I hope not...now that the Corvettes are getting schooled it'd be nice to see a battle in GTS.

    P.S. I got a virus alert when visiting Wes' link (using Internet Exploder at work). Beware if surfing without Protection.

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