ASUS S5Ne looks like an ibook

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by simie, Mar 11, 2005.

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    ASUS S5Ne

    At least you could put one of those Apple stickers on it that you got with your Mac.

    Pitty its got Windows on it.

    Its rumoured that Asus are contracted to build the ibooks, so how did they get away with this one. According some websites the contract to produce the ibook in with IBM and not Apple.
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    Except that the Asus is smaller, lighter, and a helluva lot faster. But doesn't run OS X :)
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    mad jew

    That's creepy! :eek:

    The iBook does still look a little better though. I prefer the hinges to the screen and the squared off base on the Mac, that's for sure. I can't stand the way PC laptops seem to have sides which slope inwards so they look thinner in photos.
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    Don't ASUSTeK manufacture the iBooks, anyway?

    (edit: yeah, they do)

    Reasonably good looking, for a PC. Not quite got the styling right on the sides, though - it's all messy.
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    well, of course its smaller, it uses an external optical drive. Also, I didn't see what video chipset it has leading me to think SiS or S3, which is pretty much crap for any sort of gaming. Other than that, it looks alright, but it looks similar to an ibook, but it's not really there aesthitically.
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    Thats an awesome lookin computer. A very nice piece of hardware indeed!
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    wrc fan

    The iBook is also cheaper than it is at all the stores I looked at. So it gets you an extra 300MHz and a slimmer/lighter system? I think using Mac OS X is worth the slightly slower processor and added weight. Plus the iBook has a built-in combo drive (hauling around accessories is worse than having them built-in IMHO). So I'd take the $500 in savings and buy some RAM and a bluetooth module.
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    I didn't know that white was an apple trademark... (how are they getting away with this). It's actually really slow compared to the ibooks, at least those in recent update history. a 1.5 pentium is pretty sluggish by new computer standards. we're not comparing comparables here.
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    mad jew

    It fully depends on the type of Pentium it is. I've got a feeling this one would be give the iBooks a run for their money. However, I don't think the point of this thread is to compare the specs of the two machines, but rather their eery aesthetic similarities. :)
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    Um. The Pentium-M (read: not P4) wipes the floor with the G4, for the most part.

    Looking a second time, damn, that keyboard really does look like it came from a snow iBook. Not the solid colour G4s, but the slightly translucent G3s...
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    Not a bad machine, but it costs about $1.6k USD, is limited to 768M RAM, has no internal optical drive, and it uses integrated Intel video. The P-M, light wieght and long battery life are plusses. Meh.

    Edit: fixed price.
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    wrc fan


    I fail to see how 2 hours is long... or do you mean the 7+ hours when you purchase the extra battery?

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    brap got it right. A 1.5GHz Pentium M would completely destroy 1.2GHz iBook or even the 1.67 GHz PowerBook on any test. This Asus is more expensive but it doesn't really compete with the iBook--it's an "ultra-portable" notebook, meaning it's thinner and a couple pounds lighter than the iBook w/out a built-in CDRW drive.
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    Yes, I did mean the extended battery. Probably 50% longer than is possible with an iBook (though you'd have lost some wieght advantage to get there).
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    I'd buy it. In fact, if I had known this was out there when I bought my iBook, i'd have bought it instead. And given the chance, I would exchange the two.

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    i don't think you'll get the chance though... the asus costs 60% more than the ibook. ;)

    but yeh.. why do you want to exchange it?

    i do sometimes wish the ibook was slightly lighter or that apple would add a lightweight to their line-up (it should have an internal drive though)
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    I personally think the 12" iBook is Apple's most flawless product. Which is why I own one. ;)

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