At 20 inches, iMac is apple for the eyes

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 28, 2005.

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    " Nothing enhances a computer like an oversize display...."

    Oversized? I'm not sure where they guy figures 20" is oversized. What a wierdo :rolleyes:
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    Stupid article justs makes a headline, a few superficial comments and then goes onto talking about a "Fast find" feature enhancement in Windows, that you can download, and yawn more Windows something else... :(
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    What a confusing read. Headline about iMac. First several paragraphs about iMac. Then MSN search capabilities. I read that transition 3 or 4 times trying to figure out why his "Find fast" lead in was talking about an MSN search toolbar instead of Spotlight. Nice, clear transition!
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    I'm assuming that in the original layout, the phrases "find it fast" and "talking windows" were subdivision headings... It makes sense from the grammar. I think he writes a column that is usually a catch-all about several different computer-related topics, and that the three segments of the article (iMac G5 20", Find it fast, and Talking Windows) were supposed to be basically unrelated separate short comments.
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    He probably got into computers when getting a bigger monitor mean getting a 15" CRT... in which case a 20" widescreen seems very large!
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    That's odd. It started out as an article on the iMac, then it swithed to the MSN tool bar, then becam a cell phone add.
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    It just seems that with most of this article about Apple, they can't stay on topic. Seem to feel a real need to expound on Windows. :(
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    Judging by his portrait, looks like a "mentally challenged" person wrote the article.

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    "The Audiovox SMT 5600 Smartphone ($249.99) from Cingular isn't much bigger than a candy bar, but it can do Windows plus all the other things we've come to expect from a tricked-out, multimedia cell phone."

    'it can do Windows'...what does that even mean (and who would even want that?)

    Not to mention, something that runs "does Windows" is hardly tricked-out and/or multimedia
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    I literally cracked up seeing that.

    He is judging the quality and size of the monitor, and hes crosseyed and can only fully open one eye.

    Its like having a Pig inspect the quality of Bacon.
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    there have been 20'' laptops and he is complaining about 20'' desktop. At least complain about the 30'' screen

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