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AT&T Announces Completion of 3G Enhancement Project in New York City

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 28, 2010.

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    AT&T today announced the completion of a project to enhance performance of its much-maligned 3G network in Manhattan and other areas of New York City.
    The press release notes that the company has added an additional layer of 850 MHz spectrum coverage in these areas, increasing capacity and in-building performance. As a result, AT&T's internal measurement systems have shown two consecutive quarters of improving voice quality, with Manhattan in particular experiencing a 47% quarter-over-quarter improvement earlier this year as a result of the project.

    Article Link: AT&T Announces Completion of 3G Enhancement Project in New York City
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    but that means manhattan right because here in staten island ny i get service everywhere but my house, i step out of my house onto the sidewalk wow full service. lol
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    3G Enhancement Project in New York City... if you're holding your iPhone 4 the 'right way'
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    Funny, I STILL hit a dead zone every single day at the Queensboro Plaza area, which is a major transportation hub in Queens, entrance to the 59th St Bridge, and where they have like a dozen condo buildings going up. Data is nonexistent for two entire stops on the N train. And they say they've completed the project?
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    Your house wasn't designed by someone named Faraday by any chance, was it? :D
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    My aunt's house is the same way. I think it has something to do with the siding on the house. Great signal outside and only 0-1 bars inside.
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    Hmmmm, thinking Android and Verizon, or iPhone and Verizon.

    AT&T is just NOT cutting it anymore.

    And NOW if you hold the iPhone the "WRONG" way your signal dies. WTF?

    If it aint Apple screwing things up its AT&T, if its not AT&T it's Apple
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    You use a mobile phone at home?
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    its really bad in my house, i literally get service everywhere but there. it fluctuates so much, it like either 0 bars or like 3 mostly 0 tho. but its better than t-moble we had service no where, we had to like walk down the block to get service. and no i don't use it my phone at home except for maybe texts but its still annoying ill still get calls from my cell tho.
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    Don't hold your breath for iPhone and Verizon. I went to Verizon recently; so glad I did. I can make and receive phone calls again (which, for me, is the primary function of a phone).
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    I don't see the point of paying $135/month for two cell phones, then paying another $25+ every month for a landline. Mobile phones should work inside, but like some others here, my service in my home is questionable, at best, on my iPhone 3G.
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    I feel that. I definitely don't use a landline at home, and I can't imagine paying for one in the future.
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    As someone who works in manhattan, i still get dodgy service from AT&T
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    Doesn't everybody? (at least everybody 30 and younger)
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    People still use landlines? Pay phones? How about those cool long distance calling cards? :confused:


    NYC has too many things in the way, I'm surprised any cell signals work with all of the concrete towers. The city should just put Wi-Fi everywhere and allow us to make phone calls (not Skype) over Wi-Fi. A new app: iCall

    Actually, lets save some of our tax dollars we are gifting to countries overseas and build wi-fi towers for our whole country! :D

    I'd gladly pay $800 (maybe more) for my phone if it meant that I didn't have to be a slave to the phone companies!
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    Super, now can they do upstate NY. Ugh.
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    I haven't had a home (land) line in 5 years. Most of my friends don't either, unless it's for their alarm system.
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    AT&T's self inflicted RDF

    I see this as bad news -- there has been a slow deterioration since the service improved in lower Manhattan at the beginning of 2010. And with waves of new iPad and iPhone customers coming on board, things will go downhill fast if AT&T is dumb enough to think that's its job in Manhattan/NYC is done.

    Maybe they are planning for the day iPhone exclusivity ends and two thirds of the users leave for other carriers. Yup, that may be the only way to finally fix AT&T's network.

    AT&T -- detached from reality.
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    Famous fellow, but he evidently had a less well known sideline as a plasterer so he could test out his theories. At least that's one way of explaining the disastrous effect on reception of walls made out of stuff like this:


    All those 20th century East Coast buildings? Wrapped in it.
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    IPAD clock out of sync today when you sync with AT&T

    has anyone experienced this ?
    I am only seeing it today.
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    The clock on my iPhone has been 3-4 minutes slow for about two weeks now.
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    Yep, hit that same dead spot from about a block away from the bridge entrance to more than a couple of blocks heading east on Northern Blvd.
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    All so companies like this can exist...
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    Ever think about getting the At&T microcell? It worked great for me ( well, I don't have At&T but do live in a major deadspot )
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