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AT&T Launches Online iOS Storage Service 'Locker'

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 1, 2012.

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    AT&T has launched a free online storage service for iOS that allows users to automatically upload and backup images and video. AT&T Locker, which competes with Dropbox and other online backup services, includes 5GB of free storage with upgrades to 30 or 100GB available.
    AT&T Locker is available for free on the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: AT&T Launches Online iOS Storage Service 'Locker'
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    I have a feeling this is going to be a fail
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    Ummmm ... don't we already have that? It is called Photostream and if you are really wanting your videos, that's called Dropbox. I'm confused on why I'd need yet another service ...
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    Sounds like just another way to encourage cellular data usage (for those that don't restrict it to Wi-Fi only).

    Genius marketers, those AT&T people... :rolleyes:
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    In other news, AT&T chooses to block iOS users from using Dropbox or Google Drive On 3G unless the have a family share plan.
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    AT&T should just try to improve their core services and stop wasting resources on reinventing the wheel.
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    Are you confused often? You don't need another service. They are not forcing you. You can use what you currently have. If you feel this service is better, then you have the option to switch. Heaven forbid we have options in life.
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    I wouldn't want to manually upload a video every time I record to back it up. My iPhoto wiped out my camera roll the day after a family trip, and restoring my iCloud backup didn't save the videos. This app would have been great to automatically backup my videos.
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    Dropbox is so good that I haven't seen any reason to try any of the others. More than 2 gb would be nice though.
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    AT&T cell voice & data service sucks. So to fix that, instead of making the service better, they try to add more concurrent users with more concurrent services. Brilliant.
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    Exactly. Plus why invest in ATT's "Locker" when it'll just be shut down in a few years. Dropbox does one thing, and does it well... online storage. I'd feel a lot more comfortable with my data there, or on Google Drive.
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    Umm, no one asked for this. America has enough problems with cell carriers practically spying on their customers and selling their information- why would we then want to give them more of our information?
    Why can't they use that hardware to, uh, I dunno, improve their network infrastructure so it's not awful like all of their customers say it is...?
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    Requires Flash on computer

    Super weak. :rolleyes:

    Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 1.39.54 PM.png

    Why bother?
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    Dear AT&T,
    Just work on improving your cellular/data network.
    No need wasting resources on yet another substandard service.
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    Among online storage services, I prefer Sugarsync, for the simple reason that you can have it sync everything to your iOS device, so there's no need to access the cloud on demand.
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    I think the main thing to know about this service is whether AT&T will automatically charge you for extra storage if you fill it up past the free amount. They could easily do that, of course, since they have your billing info, unlike Dropbox, who needs to ask for your credit card.
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    Why not use both? The automatic nature of this, assuming it works well, is a godsend. Why shouldn't it be that simple. They're not going to just toss your data without warning you. In the meantime, you've been successfully backed up for a couple years, for free.
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    Ehh. Nevermind.. Shouldn't there be a background task API or whatever that let's an app automatically upload a picture without having to open the app? You have to open the app in this case, which makes it pretty useless. I don't want to have to remember to open the app... So I agree that it's pretty useless now..
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    Here I thought this would be some kind of backup service that works over cellular without counting against your cellular allotment.

    Nope, it's just AT&T looking to screw more uninformed customers out of their money.

    I actually almost screwed myself this week by streaming the iPad Mini event over 3G. That ate up over 1 GB of my 2 GB/month, and I'm just over a week into the billing period... I have to be extra careful about using iHeartRadio for the rest of this period, given I normally eat up ~1.2-1.5 GB each month using it (I have 2-3 hours worth of commuting each weekday, listening to iHeartRadio is how I keep myself... entertained, to say the least)
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    I use this device called an iPod. It has better sound quality than streaming radio, and doesn't use any data allowance. Just start with a Smart Playlist running on shuffle.


    Might need to make some adjustments given the length of your commute.
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    God no, music on the radio is awful. I listen to news and talk shows. If I'm in the mood for music, I listen to my music... I've been listening to Folk Metal a lot recently, and you know what? Radio never has folk or metal on it, nevermind Folk Metal.

    I have considered the possibility of somehow downloading 2 hours worth of radio before each trip (so before leaving home and before leaving work) but I don't know of any apps that do that automatically.
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    You know what would make this worthwhile? AT&T allowing you to transfer data to/from this service to your mobile device without it being reflected in your "cap."

    Imagine using this to store movies and stream them, not hurting your data limit.

    Nah, too forward thinking here.
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    But then how would they rip you off by charging you for going over your data allotment. That wouldn't make them a bit more money while pissing off most of their customers, so obviously that idea is not for AT$T.

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