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AT&T LTE Net neutrality

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by DerekRod, Dec 3, 2012.

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    If AT&T and Verizon are using the 700MHz frequency for LTE why is it that only Verizon is forced to keep net neutrality and AT&T isn't?
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    c-block nationwide, it was the stipulation for that block.
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    So then why is AT&T not forced to the same as big red?
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    Verizon owns Block C. ATT operates the others.
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    I think they should start taking a look at AT&T.
    There is no net neutrality with them?
    How come some customers can use facetime over carrier data and others with other data plans cannot?
    What is fair or has to do with net neutrality about that?
    Nonsense and they're getting away with it.
    In the meantime Verizon and Sprint allow it but only AT&T doesnt.
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    Its only a matter of time before they become to big and get broken up again.MA bell is an evil company.Back in the 80's you used to have to lease your landline phone from them.And to this day some people still pay that fee even though they dont have too.AT&T needs to be set straight ASAP

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