AT&T Offers Refurbished iPhone 5 Starting at $99

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 22, 2012.

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    AT&T is now offering refurbished iPhone 5 devices at a $100 discount from their usual price. The new offer was noted by 9to5Mac.

    Customers are still required to sign up for a 2 year contract, as with the regular iPhone 5.

    AT&T appears to be offering all permutations of color and size. The discount across the board for the refurbished units is $100 from the up front cost.

    - 16GB Black iPhone 5 - $99
    - 32GB Black iPhone 5 - $199
    - 64GB Black iPhone 5 - $299

    - 16GB White iPhone 5 - $99
    - 32GB White iPhone 5 - $199
    - 64GB White iPhone 5 - $299

    The refurbished iPhones are available online-only.

    Article Link: AT&T Offers Refurbished iPhone 5 Starting at $99
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    Betting these are the scratched up ones that people have been trading in lately. :D
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    Pretty impressive pricing. Wonder how long stock will last.
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    Permanent or just for Black Friday?
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    YES! i hope the supplies lasts until my upgrade
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    Bought a refurb 4 for my wife, couple years ago... Like typical Apple refurbs, it came in perfect condition. Kinda bummed we already bought 5's, because I'd have no problem doing this again.
  7. arn
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    seems likely to stick around (as supplies last)

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    Has this ever happened this fast?

    There's no doubt in my mind this is due to the scratchability of the 5's and the over-abundance of swapped and now refurbished units.
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    No matter how desperate I am for a product, I'll never get a refurbished one.
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    curious to know if one could purchase applecare+ on one of these.
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    Jessica Lares

    Not bad. It'll be $0 on contract by next year though at this rate.
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    You can use Applercare+ with refurbished phones from ATT, but I wonder if you can exchange them when they come scratched (which really shouldn't be the case).
    Maybe calling up ATT and ask them?
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    They also have on the premier website refurbed for $399 without contract. Picked one up to go along with my 64GB black.
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    What's wrong with saving a little money on a refurbished product? It's not the same as buying used
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    Link? NOW?! :p
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    Wish I had a premier account. Sadness. :(
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    Sounds good until you consider the $2400 you'll pay to be shackled to AT&T for 2 years.
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    Welcome to the real world.
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    You can save that and even more by not using any phone!

    Why not stop eating too?

    Big expense!
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    With a deal like that, why would anyone bother with a 4S?
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    The real world I live in allows me to buy a no-contract iPhone and operate it on an AT&T MVNO for $10 a month.
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    What's the warranty on this?
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    thank you

    Thank you for posting this. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. I upgraded my wife's iphone 4 to a 16gb iphone 5. she will be thrilled

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