AT&T Releases 'Mark The Spot' Application to Track Network Issues

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 7, 2009.

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    AT&T yesterday released AT&T Mark the Spot [App Store, Free], a new iPhone application allowing users to alert the company to problems with its wireless network. The application takes advantage of the iPhone's GPS receiver to pinpoint the user's location and allow them to submit reports on a number of network issues, including dropped calls, failed calls, coverage holes, data service failures, and voice quality issues.


    Users can specify the general frequency of an issue, from a one-time glitch up to consistently repeatable problems, and can add additional comments to their reports for more complete information. Users can report issues at the time of their occurrence or at a later time, and can also request follow-up text messages confirming that their reports have been received.

    Article Link: AT&T Releases 'Mark The Spot' Application to Track Network Issues
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    Wait so, how are we supposed to report No Coverage in an area with, well, no coverage?
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    Unspoken Demise

    This is an excellent step forward. Good work AT&T. Lets see some results from these submissions!
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    Wireless. :)
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    How am I supposed to submit a network issue to them if I'm having problems with the network? Should I take note of my problem and send them a post card later? lol, just kidding. This is actually a good idea and I like the way at&t is tracking these issues.
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    Too Cynical?

    I suppose I'm being too cynical, but part of me suspects that AT&T has only created this app to reduce the amount of time their reps spend listening to complaints about dropped calls. I know I've spent a lot of time on the phone with them over the last year. While they're always very cordial and say things like they are "sending out crews to look at towers", etc, nothing changes. In fact, where I live (about an hour south of NYC) things have gotten far worse - not better.
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    This is a very decent idea and says AT&T is getting ready to address patchy coverage.

    Lets hope they take a transparent approach, share what they learn, and most importantly implement fixes quickly. Boosting coverage or other similar cell fixes these days can be almost plug and play so a fast response to logged faults would signal that they're worthy of our business.
  8. NAG
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    Interesting app. Unfortunately the place where my phone drops the most also has a funky gps issue. My iPhone usually says I'm located anywhere from 10 to 20 miles away (and yes, it has the pin point orb thing and not the you're in this general area circle). So I can report the problem but AT&T will get some random spot in the city and not the actual position.
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    I assume the info is stored then uploaded to AT&T when the phone is back in service. I think this is a great idea but lets hope they act on the problem areas.
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    I'm guessing through the Wi-Fi connection?

    I'm getting ready to download it now, so I hope this gets ATT to do some serious looking at their network.
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    Prepare for the onslaught of reports coming in....
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    Hey NAG,

    I just fired it up to report an issue and you can move the map around and center the RED X exactly where you are located. I got mine set my actual street address. If you put it in the general area of where you live and then zoom in on the map, you can position it to a much great degree of accuracy.

    It's actually quite useful, so here's hoping the get the rest of the nation blanketed with 3G like verizon. I don't care if it's the fastest, I just don't want EDGE or ROAMING :)
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    How cute... ATT is starting to pretend to care. :) Good step forward, guys.
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    What information is this app sending to AT&T? UID? Phone number? Coordinates?
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    Teh Don Ditty

    Oh how nice, instead of AT&T doing the work themselves they are having us do it for free.

    **** you AT&T
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    This is a great move by ATT and will hopefully be replicated by other carriers for the smartphones they sell. All carriers are going to have issues, and those issues are often not reported. I mean seriously, who is going to complain about being able to open and app and mark a problem instead of going through a 20-minute customer service call? Regardless of how you feel about their service, this app can only be a good thing.
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    Awesome. So we can overload their network with reports of issues? And yes, it will be overloaded!
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    Well provided AT&T actually acts on the information generated by the app, it's a win-win. Customers get to report exact gaps in performance and AT&T has an inexpensive and widespread source of feedback to act on.
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    Teh Don Ditty

    I understand that and believe I do as I live in NY, but this is ridiculous. They should be constantly expanding and fixing their network themselves. I fork over $175/mo to them for dropped calls and shoddy 3G service. I leave my phone on EDGE at all times, that's how great their network is.
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    That's part of their master plan. No one reports no coverage. :)

    Seriously, there's a flaw there. I guess you report it when you get coverage??
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    Angry much? Sending a submission takes all of 10 seconds. If you choose not to, then you are no worse off than you are now.

    I see you are on Long Island, where your attitude runs rampant (lived there for years so I can speak to it). I'm sure others will gladly submit on your behalf. By the way, my 3G service on Long Island was excellent, so I'm assuming you are in Nassau county?
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    Teh Don Ditty

    Clearly you are missing the point, why should I have to do AT&T's work for them?

    Generalization much?
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    You can report it later. Give them details in the comments section.
  24. pmz
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    Hmm. I Live an hour south of NYC too, and my service couldn't be better. It has only gotten progressively better over the last two years.

    So what's wrong with you? Or your iPhone?
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    While it's nice that they're taking steps to fix the issues it seems like an odd method for a huge corporation like AT&T... it seems more like the activity of a small company that's in over its head.

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