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AT&T Rolls Out Cheaper Unlimited Plans, iPhone Monthly Rate Drops $30

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Responding to price cuts from Verizon, AT&T today rolled out new unlimited plans for all devices on its network, including the iPhone. Under the new plans taking effect on Monday, iPhone customers can sign up for unlimited voice and data for $99.99 per month, although texting packages remain separate for an additional fee. The unlimited voice and data plan represents a $30 discount from the previous unlimited plan for the iPhone.
    Existing customers will be permitted to change to the new plans as of Monday via AT&T's website, with no monetary penalty or extension to contract terms. It is unclear at this time whether there will be any adjustment to AT&T's non-unlimited plans to reposition its pricing tiers in relation to the new, lower unlimited price.

    Article Link: AT&T Rolls Out Cheaper Unlimited Plans, iPhone Monthly Rate Drops $30
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    AT&T is getting closer to what their service is worth. Although the texting plan remains at 99.9% profit, we'll have a lot of people here saying "oh, I only send three a four texts a month, so it doesn't matter to me."
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    Competition is good.

    Still hoping that we get a carrier choice in the US for the iPhone with the next revision. Never minded AT&T much as I had good service where I am. However, I'm moving shortly and the coverage at the new house (in Surprise, AZ) is horrible.
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    It is still a complete rip off... Sprint is the only one with a decent plan... Sure their cover coverage is lacking but if you are in a covered area its so much better, and SOOO much cheaper.. ATT and VZ are just screwing their customers... Why cant texting be included in their plan for 100 a month... 1200 a year and I still have to pay EXTRA to text... its RIDICULOUS!
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    Laff. AT&T can't even handle limited minutes and data and now they are going to make it unlimited.

    Oh well, competition is awesome when it works. Hopefully the next step will be to reign in the biggest theft of all: texting.
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    Every texting plan remains at 99.9% profit.
  7. TUD
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    Wasn't it a $130 per month for unlimited phone and data before? Per AT&T's website unlimited phone is $99.99, but it does not included unlimited data. Unlimited data = $30.00. So, it appears it is still the same.

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    This seems like an almost knee jerk response from AT&T. Their network can't handle the load now, until their backbone is upgraded, yet they think this is a good idea on their part?
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    This is good, but the headline is misleading. It has nothing to do with the iPhone monthly rate. (other than if you have an iPhone you have AT&T and some of those customers have unlimited)
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    It's unlimited voice and data for $99 total now. Now let's get those limited plan numbers down. Who needs unlimited when you have nights, weekends, AT&T wireless customers, and ten more free "A-list" numbers?
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    Small White Car

    Today is Friday.
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    Tiered Data plan will be awesome also

    1GB Limit - $10
    5GB Limit - $20
    Unlimited - $30

    something like that...

    other day i found out my iPhone 3G data usage is less than 100MB every month hmm ...
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    That discount will make it almost worth keeping my iPhone even after I buy my iPod tablet device. I envision most people not needing smartphones anymore once they get used to a tablet.

    Sure some people will want an iPhone and a tablet, but I had been considering just using a plain phone with a cheap plan and using my tablet for everything else.

    But then anywhere we have our tablet with 3G, won't we have a bluetooth like "Magic Jack" that works with our tablet? Will we need an iPhone?

    I really think the tablet will slowly eat into the iPhone revolution. Surely Apple realizes this and has a "plan" to make money off of us on the 3G service?

    I guess if the iPhone service price is low enough, people will have an iPhone and an iPod tablet. This is a start for sure. $30 adds up to the full cost of the iPhone subsidization in just over a year. How is AT&T going to do this since they're already crying that the iPhone is losing them money?
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    Wow, you're really not using that very much then?
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    But unlimited already equals 5GB ?!?
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    Yes, that pricing would definitely be awesome if they somehow implemented it. One can dream can we?

    My brother's usage is less than 300MB/month (only once has he peaked passed 400MB).
  17. TUD
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    I read that, but it states the plan was rolled out today. I looked as a new customer, not an existing.

    Edit: It doesn't really matter. I was just curious.
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    yup mainly Mail, weather, ESPN and some browsing ...

    not much youtube or similar data consuming activities
  19. yzp
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    when does Ted (Rogers™) will do the same thing for canada users??

    I'm pissed of being ass-raped by him...
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    No... wrong, wrong, wrong... wrong, wrong wrong wrong....

    5GB is the cap limit for all Data Card or Laptop Connect users. All Smartphones have true unlimited plans.
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    Hmm, I'll be switching to that new price plan. Now if we could just get tiered data.....
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    thats great but is there going to be lower pricing for those of us that arent using unlimited plans, or will the minutes be upped at the same current price?
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    Sweet, so I'm still paying an arm and a leg for the most basic service and not even using half of it.
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    Unlimited in the sense that you can use your phone minus all the network outages. Those on limited plans can't argue about the service outages :p
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    Haven't been the victim of a data outage as of yet. So yeah, I see unlimited, and so do many others.

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