AT&T: Switching from 4G to LTE iPhone 5

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    Title Correction: AT&T: Switching from LTE to 4G Iphone 5

    I want to check to see if this is happening to anybody else, When placing a phone call it downgrades from LTE to 4G and after hanging up 4G will disappear and you have nothing displayed for up to a minute then LTE shows up? This happens to me all the time even when texting as well. I might be wrong but was it Verizon who cannot simultaneously run LTE whilst making a call and AT&T not having this problem?
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    it drops to 4G to make the call. only data is used for LTE.
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    Ah, ok so 4G/HSPA+ for Calls and LTE Data.
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    4G/H+ for data and calls, LTE for only data.

    once a call is placed, the LTE radio shuts off and switches to H+ only for the duration. no one uses LTE for voice yet, only data.
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    Meaning no one is offering Voice over LTE, as in the same concept of Voice over IP. Not to be construed with device establishing simultaneous connections to both a voice protocol/network, and an LTE protocol/network at the same time in the same way it is possible to remain connected via wifi while making a call.
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    at&t will offer LTE data connection. however, once a voice call is made, bands will switch and data and voice will be sent over 850/1900, as opposed to the LTE bands. once the call is finished, the phone will revert back to both listening for calls on the 4G bands and sending/receiving data on the LTE bands.
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    it drops to 4G to make the call.[​IMG]
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    Anyone noticing that it sometimes takes forever to switch back to LTE after the phone call?

    Sometimes it takes longer than a minute at which I go into settings and manually toggle the switch.

    So far it seems to take, on average, about 10 seconds after ending a phone call to go back to LTE. Kind of annoying.
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    Switch back is fairly quick for me. Did you notice any difference when you are at different locations?
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    mine wont even go on LTE. i get 2 bars of LTE, then after a few minutes the phone reverts back to 4G and never goes back.
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    LTE does not return if hotspot is ON

    Well, it is known that for the voice call iphone 5 goes back to 3G/4G HSPA and it actually does return back to LTE within a minute or 2 BUT ONLY IF I AM NOT USING IT AS AN ACTIVE HOTSPOT! Anyone experienced the same? any workaround other than turning HS off and back on?

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