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Atd - "Coming zoon"

Discussion in '3,000,000 Post Contest' started by ATD, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. ATD
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    Once I saw the words 'ATD' and 'Maya' within a few seconds of each other, I knew it would be amazing.

    Great Work, As Always :)
  3. ATD
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    Thanks. :D
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    Wow if the real fullscreen iPod doesn't look like that then i'll be dissappointed!
  5. ATD
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    Lets hope it looks like this or better.

    Did you guys get the reference in the headline or is it too subtle?

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    Wow looks great. Nice work :D hehe...zoon ;) :p
  7. ATD
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    OK, you got the reference. :D


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    The reference in the headline is not too subtle.It's perfect.Especially the way it's spelled :)
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    Ohhh yes. I thought it was genius. Good work my man!
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    I got it, right when I first read it, I was too busy staring at the iPod though :D
  11. ATD
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    Thanks guys for confirming it's not too much an inside joke and thanks for the kind words. :D

    I'm half way done with the animation, hopeful I don't get too busy and have to drop it.

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    Seriously nice work, I could see that on a billboard, infact get on the phone to Apples PR Team and sell them the idea.

    Even down to the humour Apple would use... pure Class!
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    Nice job. I would probably smooth out the background surface for true Apple authenticity. ;)
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    You spelled "soon" wrong... :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: I'm so confused. lol
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    Theres your first one ATD. :rolleyes: :D
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    Stunning... no other word for it. But is it the right typeface?
  17. ATD
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    Good catch. I had a Homer Simpson moment shortly after I posted. I was hoping I could just quietly replace the image but the mods want me to start a new thread.

    Thanks for the comments everyone. :)

    Edit, new thread started


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