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ATI 9700 MAC OEM Where can i get one?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by TyleRomeo, Jan 19, 2005.

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    hey i just picked up an ADC apple display and my ati 9000 is getting old but the 9800 only has vga and dvi. Anyone know where you can get a 4x 9700 mac card? otherwise any know if ATI will come out with a new 9800 thats 4x that has both ADC and DVI?

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    trust me on this.

    it would be cheaper to buy a 9800 retail and the ADC / DVI kit from Apple ($99) than to find a 9700 OEM...
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    I think he wanted ADC not DVI, therefore the 9600 won't help him.
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    again, what i proposed will give him 1 adc (via the $99 dongle) and 1 adc non-powered.
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    Same goes for the 9800.

    Briliant card for the upper Dual G4 series. And now $100,- cheaper.
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    i said 9800 as well....

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    Yes.... But I wanted to mention the fact that the 9800 would be the best card, using your propsed DVI to ADC adapter.

    It is a mere summary of your posts :)
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    well the DVI port is fine, its the VGA analog port that bothers me about the 9800. the perfomance of the 9800 to the 9700 is nearly identical. If i can use the unpowered ADC port from the 9600 and hook up the $100 DVI-ADC converter then thats an option so spend around the cost of 9800 with less perfomance. Or wait for ATI to (crossing fingers) a 256MB 9800 thats 4x and has both ADC and DVI. I have one ADC display and a DVI display. I dont want anything to do with VGA.

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    ebay and a lot of luck/patience. thats how i got a 9700 in my dual 867.
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    how much did yours run on ebay?


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