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ATi Radeon PC on Mac

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Spock, Apr 23, 2004.

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    I have a ATi Radeon Theater 32MB PCI Video card for a PC and want to use it with my Mac I am using a B&W G3 how do I do this?? Is it possible?
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    Come on, no body knows how to do this?
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    As far as I know it won't work. Apple uses special ATI cards that have slightly different hardware and different BIOSes.
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    There was a thread at cubeowner.com (several actually) about flashing Radeon 7000 AGP for use in Cubes, and here (xlr8yourmac.com) has some info about flashing the 7000 series PCI for mac use. Generally, flashing a PC card for use in a Mac raises all sorts of legality issues.

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