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ATI shows x800 for G5

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 14, 2004.

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  2. mvc
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    Well, that ought to cheer up all the gamers out there. Now if only you can get it as a BTO in the iMac g5 :p

    Probably melt the screen :eek:
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    WOW! something to drive the 30!!! besides the 6800 that can't even make enough chips!!! Plus i bet this one is faster too.
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    Laslo Panaflex

    This was exactly what I was waiting for.

    I bet the card will be $450 when it is released, if that is the case I will definately upgrade.
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    Sounds like 1 Dual link DVI and one ADC. So no two 30" monitors?
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    YES! I'm all over that when it comes out! :D
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    The best part about this is the old ACD Cinema Display HD can run on this without a converter. I've been waiting for ATI to bring out a next gen card with ACD. YES!
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    One Dual DVI, one ADC.
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    The X800 is considerably slower than the 6800Ultra available from Apple. Unless ATI makes the mac compatabile X800 equivalent to the X800 XT Platinum Extreme Version the 6800 Ultra will trounce it in almost every aspect. http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.aspx?i=2044&p=1

    Also ATI has not even officially annouced this Card and I would'nt be suprised if we don't see it ship until early early next year at least in signifigant quantities. The only real advantage I see is that it takes up only one slot and runs cooler. If it comes in at Under $500 and if its the XT Platinum model then it could deffinetly be worth it however if ATI tries sticking us with the X800 Pro then I see no advantage whatsoever besides saving a PCI slot.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Dream on, we all know the Mac version of any video card means add $100 to its normal price. go higher dude.
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    True, though given the cost of that rig (G5 & card & 30" displays x 2), it probably only eliminates about <1% of the Mac market. ;)
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    if this is a 16 pipeline card i'll be happy, if it's 12 i'll be pissed off majorly.

    the 6800 will always be better as nvidia is better with open gl and ati is better with directx, the only downside is that nvidia's drivers suck there are already a fair few problems with the cards
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    Laslo Panaflex

    x800 pro $399 + $100= $499

    ok so off by $50, still less than the 6800 and it has one dual link and ADC for peeps with the old displays, which is far more likely than for people to have than the 30".
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    I agree mostly to that. The x800 Pro performs a bit lower, and the x800 XT a bit higher than the 6800 Ultra. At now, the difference is bigger, 6800 Ultra vs. 9800 XT. The current ATi top-of-the-line Mac model doesn't have a chance. Gamers, especially those who have an ADC display, will be very pleased when this ADC+(DL)DVI x800 comes out.

    I wouldn't have the money, and when we get a G5 I can't convince my dad to get a *800 card (6800, 9800, x800), but I think it's a big deal between 5200 Ultra and 9600XT, at a low price. So one wish would be to make the 9600XT a x600XT (and 9800XT a x800XT). The nVidia 5200 Ultra could still be the low-end card, for those who don't need graphics performance, or replace it with something like 5500 Ultra.

    Oh yes, IIRC, the current 9800XT takes up the next PCI slot too, and if the x800 doesn't, it's a really nice deal.
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    Yes! A great new single slot card. I look forward to seeing perfomance tests of the Mac version of the X800. This might even become the standard card for the top end Powermac after the next revision. The 6800 may very well still be the overall performance king but since it blocks a slot it will very likely never become available in any default configuration. It will proabably continue to only be available via BTO and retail.
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    Unless you've used an X800 in a Mac, I don't think it's fair to say it's considerably slower than Apple's 6800 Ultra. I also don't think it's fair to take the PC numbers and expect any direct correlation to Mac performance. Just because the GF 6800 gets better OpenGL performance in Windows than the X800 doesn't necessarily mean the same goes for Mac OS X. I don't want to go into a long explanation but keep in mind that OpenGL is handled different in Windows than in OS X. In Windows, the venders get complete control of the drivers, while in OS X, Apple controls what goes in their implementation and can determine how things are implemented. If they want certain features aimed toward accuracy, rather than gaming performance, that might affect either card. IMO, the OS X implementation of OpenGL will play a big part in how performance will be Macland and we may or may not see the same performance deltas we see in Windowsland.

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