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Atlanta Apple Pop-Up Museum to Open This Weekend

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 19, 2013.

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    An Apple Pop-Up Museum is set to open this weekend, at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast in Atlanta. The museum will feature a look at Apple products throughout the years and will include several rare Apple and pre-Apple artifacts like the original Lisa and the Xerox Alto.

    The museum is organized into a series of different rooms, with each different section dedicated to a different era in Apple's history.

    A rare 20th Anniversary Mac​
    Steven Hackett of 512 Pixels posted a detailed preview tour of the museum earlier this month, pointing out several highlights along with tidbits from Lonnie Mimms, the man who created the Apple Pop-Up Museum.
    Hackett goes on to spotlight other early Apple products like the MacColby, an original 128k Macintosh that plays the first game ever made available for the system, and the ultra rare 20th Anniversary Mac. Hackett's account of the museum provides a fascinating overview of the contents of the museum for Apple enthusiasts who cannot make it to Georgia.

    The Apple Pop-Up Museum will be open on Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21 2013 and will take place at the Kings Market Shopping Center. Attendees will need to pay a $10 admission fee for a single day or $15 for both days.

    Article Link: Atlanta Apple Pop-Up Museum to Open This Weekend
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    Sadly that's a bit too far for my budget to stretch to travel that far. Now give me a pop-up book with that sort of stuff in and I'm sold!
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    Are people really going to need TWO days for this? It's not Disney World.

    "That iMac was exhausting, kids! Let's do the rest tomorrow!"
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    Heading down there tomorrow :D Only about 45 minutes to an hour from where I live, so I'm lucky!
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    hope those things are dusted before being exhibited
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    Looks like a pretty sweet exhibit. Enjoy!
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    One of these threads I like :(

    Good idea for this museum.
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    Only 15 mins from me! Anyone else going?
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    I'll be going. Its only 10 minutes from me.
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    lucky you!!!! wish I could be there too!
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    Don't forget about the sing-along: 'It's a small microchip after-all...'
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    Trying to decide between the two-day discount or the season pass!
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    I know it's outdated but I'd love to own one of the 20th Anv Mac's.
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    Damn that thing is FUGLY! I take it that The Steve wasn't with the company when it was released? No wonder Apple couldn't survive without him.
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    If enough of us are going we can have a meetup
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    aww man this would be really cool to go see
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    What's more interesting is that it is apart of the vintage computer festival. Which in all is interesting me some. I just hope it isn't just two or three guys bringing a couple of old computers and setting them up on tables in a parking lot.

    The festival itself is supposedly going to have vendors. Here's hoping for an Apple IIe, Macintosh II and Commodore PET.
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    There is an Irish pub located right by the event. Old computers of all types and pints! What better way to spend a Sunday? :D
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    Drunken Master

    Almost; this exhibit is set up in an old CompUSA.
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    Yeah, it came out either right after Steve returned or right before. It was insanely expensive, too. I remember that they had one on Seinfeld...

    Here's a video of Jonny Ive talking about how great it is: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GTts8elSDeE
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    The "TAM" came out around a year before Steve "returned".

    He gave the order for the remaining stock to be sold at/near to cost, as they hadn't sold very well (no doubt due to the $7,500 price tag for a machine comparable in specs to a $3,500 PowerMac 6500).

    Oh and, the thing isn't ugly... It's gorgeous... and there's one sitting in my cupboard not 1m from where I'm sitting.
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    The Tuck

    Thanks for the reminder. Definitely going to this!

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    That's a cool HEPA filter Apple sold with that Mac!
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    Just left the exhibit. I thought it might just be a bus musuem or seversl tents. It was actually very well done. There were about a dozen different rooms with every apple item you could think of. It took us a couple hours. The VCF portion could have been better. More exhibits. More vendors. Get some vintage gaming included. But it was there first try. I am sure it will get better. I thought it was great that the event was hosted in an abandoned compusa. Kind of ironic.
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    That is so cool! I wish I was going to the exhibit. I wish Apple had a museum on their campus, however it would not fit with their forward thinking ideology. Maybe some day.

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