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Atlanta Computer Festival to Feature Apple Pop-Up Museum

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Atlanta's first Vintage Computer Festival Southeast will feature an array of vintage Apple products in a 6,000 square foot display space that's being called the "Apple Pop-up Museum."

    The space will be organized into several different rooms, each focusing on a different era of Apple computers:

    -Pre-Apple Room
    -Apple I Room
    -Apple II Room
    -Turmoil Years Room
    -No Founders Left Room
    -Jobs' Come Back Room
    -Ive's Colors Room
    -iPod / iPhone / iPad Room
    -The Timeline Lounge
    -Apple's Present to the Future Room

    The Pop-Up Museum's website offers some photos of the products that will be on display at the event, which will include several hard to find Apple computers.
    The Apple Pop-Up Museum will be open on Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21 2013. Attendees will need to pay a $10 admission fee.

    Article Link: Atlanta Computer Festival to Feature Apple Pop-Up Museum
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    Love how they named the rooms.

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    Thank god Apple products don't look like these today
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    Hey, that was the height of cutting edge tech fashion back in the late 70's - early 80's. Just be glad it wasn't covered in faux wood paneling like everything else was back then.
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    As cool as this sounds, the name is a bit misleading. I was imagining more of a:

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    I wonder what they'll be saying about today's products in 30 years?
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    I hope you aren’t talking about the late 90s/early 2000s :cool:
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    The Tuck

    Cool! I'm totally going to go to this.
  9. zed
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    Sweet, I'll be there.
  10. JoeyCloverfield, Feb 5, 2013
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    And a few decades from now, provided Apple is still around, people will say the same thing about today's Apple devices.
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    Oh the days of beige.
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    They had class, character and a certain warmth.. Now they are just boring. They have no vibrance anymore just slimmer, sleeker and cold.
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    I think the ones from that era will look awesome in a thousand years :D

    I mean look...

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    Since the Lisa and the classic Mac OS (along with NeXT, later on) are the forerunners of today's OS X and iOS, I was wondering if ANY interface elements remain from the earliest days to iOS 6 today.

    • I could only come up with one: a VERY similar trashcan icon, all the way from the Lisa (and in fact the Xerox Star) to various apps (like Mail) in iOS today. (Apple innovated a lot with the Mac, but plenty of elements were taken from Xerox too--and Apple paid Xerox for them, as many forget.)

    And, if you eliminate Lisa and start with the original Mac:

    • The speaker volume icons today are similar to what classic Macs used, but Lisa didn't have them I don't think (judging by screenshots of Lisa's Preferences).

    • And I believe classic Mac battery status icons (Control Strip on PowerBooks) were similar to the color version of the iOS battery status. (Inherited from what color-display iPods had used as well.)

    Then, from NeXT, we have:

    • The Dock, but greatly evolved to the point of being unrecognizable.

    • Probably other stuff I'm not aware of.

    But the really old Lisa/Classic Mac stuff is more interesting. Has anything else survived into iOS? (A few other things have survived into OS X.)
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    I will be there no doubt. Only 2 hours from home.
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    Exactly - Timeless :cool:

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    The Luxo iMac was easily one of the coolest things Apple had done, but everything else from that era has always struck me as kinda ugly and goofy looking.

    They started out great with the Apple II, and improved upon that look with the later snow white models. Then they got dumb with the candy shelled iMacs and iBooks (shown above in all their cheesy glory). That was Apple at their worst in my opinion. Things didn't improve until they started getting into their minimalism kick with the flat white G5 and Powerbooks.
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    Oh yes!!! My 4/20 plans are set!!
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    I don't need to go to the museum because I actually used most of that equipment from Apple // on. Including Lisa. If you have never seen a floppy drive before (SD cards and USB sticks fulfill that role now), it would be worth it just to see that. Apple used 5.x" floppies and the Xerox 820 and many computers of that pre-PC era used 8" floppies. As did I.
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    Great idea.. if I was close by this would get me through the door.
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    Awesome! I wish I was closer, I'd definitely visit! :D
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    Judging by your user name, you have a collector's item of your own!

    (Me too: I keep a sunflower iMac for playing Descent 3. I even have the subwoofer.)
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    That is YOUR opinion. I am certain the color iMacs helped many nervous first timers jump into the world of computing because of how inviting the color iMac were. First and foremost being the Bondi iMac.
  24. JustALooney, Feb 5, 2013
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    For those who don't know...

  25. davester, Feb 5, 2013
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    Where's the Panic As The Stock Price Plunges Below $20 Due To Failed G4 Cube room?

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