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Atlanta, GA

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by Detlev_73, Jun 14, 2008.

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    I'm off from work on the 11-Jul-08 for doctors' appointments and the launch of the iPhone. Closest store to me is Northpoint Mall in Alpharetta, GA
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    Thought you could only buy the phone activated. So you can only buy it at ATT stores?
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    Actually, I've been thinking about this for about a day. You can buy the 3G iPhone at the Apple Store; the prices are $199 and $299 for 8GB and 16GB respectively. If you take the phone to be activated to the AT&T store, they couldn't really say, "Oh, so you owe us an extra $300 for this iPhone because your 2G iPhone contract is only 1 year old, sorry!", because you already bought it at the Apple store. How could they legally do that? :eek:

    I honestly feel that Apple and AT&T is analyzing the reaction and the questions that are asked between the announcement and the release to see what all they can get away with, in conspiracy theory.

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    the closest apple store to me is Buford (mall of ga)

    but i might go to an att store instead
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    Lenox or Atlantic Station?

    Well we are ready for the launch, I am upgrading from the first iPhone (which I sold for $350) and my partner is talking of getting one hopefully as well.

    We did the first launch at the AT&T store in Atlantic Station and it was a nice small crowd and we were only 11 and 12 back when we got there at 12:45pm. It was fun, but we really missed the atmosphere that you get at an Apple Store. We have done several other launches at Lenox and it is a total blast.

    So we are trying to decide where we are going, the other thing going for the Apple Store at Lenox is that it IS indoors so the heat won't be doing us in, so we may just go there seeing this launch is in the middle of the Summer...hmmm HOT and sticky over cool and comfortable, crowds vs low key....tough choices :)

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    I'm taking the 11th off as well... for the first iPhone, I waited at the AT&T store across Lenox Road from the mall. There was a good crowd, and it was fun, but it was HOT AS HELL and I ended up with a sunburn. I'm considering the Lenox Apple store this time, since it'll be air conditioned :)

    I'm trying to get a group of friends together to go wherever. I forgot about the Atlantic Station AT&T store, that's pretty close to home for me .

    I'm up for either one, wherever there's going to be a fun crowd :)
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    Hitting ATT store

    I live about 25 miles for Mall or Georgia so, I think I'm going to take my chances at one of the ATT stores down the road. I think if they are out or super crowded I'll hit the next one down the block. Hopefully I can find one without too much of a line.
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    Do we know if this is going to be a midnight release or if they will start to sell them at store opening time, or what?
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    Didn't they do a 6pm EST release last year?
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    So what time do you think someone should get to an Apple store versus an AT&T store? And, honestly, I just want to ensure that I get an iPhone. Did they run out at any of the stores (AT&T or Apple) last launch?

    And commenting on the whole activating the iPhone activation theories, I think that they'll have an AT&T representative at the store to activate it and such. At least that would be the smart thing to do for the launch.
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    AT&T @ Atlantic Station

    I was in NJ for the last launch and while it was fun, I got there at 1AM and I was still 10th in line. I live about 5 blocks from Atlantic Station, so even though the atmosphere may not be as cool, I think it would just be easier and I'd get to be up at the front. If there's a 10AM launch, I'll be there from 8PM the night before, but if it's a 6PM launch, I may just wait until midnight to go. On that note though, are there any restrooms available for people to use overnight?

    Any thoughts on not wanting to deal with the crowds of an Apple Store? And how were people last time about hold places for people while they go to get food or use the restroom? In NJ, I was really surprised when some people got very annoyed when my friend who was in line with me left to use the restroom and came back. They tried getting the mall security involved, who basically told them that everyone has the right to pee, haha.
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    Rural ATT

    Do you think that some of the more Rural ATT stores are getting the iPhone. Because my game plan is to hit the ATT stores (I have like 20 in a 15 miles radius). So I figure is some Poduck ATT store and try my luck.
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    I live in the kennesaw/acworth area and the att store over on north cobb pkwy in acworth was not crowed at all. maybe about twenty-five people tops. after about 30 mins or so you could just walk in and get one. There are quite a few att stores in the area.
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    None of the AT&T authrozed retail stores will have iPhones. Actually, I don't even think that they have the old ones either, but only the AT&T stores (the ones that AT&T actually start up) will have the iPhone.

    Anyways, you can go on Apple's website and search through the iPhone3G links and click on the one that says "Where can I by an iPhone?" and follow it from there.
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    Checked with my ATT Store

    Talked to my local ATT Store. They couldn't or wouldn't say much, other than they got in 30 iPhones last year. He did say that about 3 days before they would find out more info about times and how many they are getting in.
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    Yea Im Going to the Apple Store at the Mall of Georgia...
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    I just found out that I might not be able to buy a subsidized iPhone. Make sure you guys check out the literature on the sidebar of the main page (it's under iPhone activation or a similar title I believe). I have to check and see how much my plan is currently... If I'm not gonna be able to get one until like next year I'll be pissed... But I'm probably going to go to the Apple store in the MOG as well.
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    Can you explain to us why you might not be able to buy one? Thanks
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    Well I would be able to buy an iPhone, but it wouldn't be $199, It'd probably be around $400. It comes down to whether or not my AT&T plan is under or over $99, and if i've had it for long enough... I know that I upgraded at the end of last summer, so I'll have to wait at least a month or two :(. Just look up that activation article that's on this site and it'll tell you pretty much everything that I know about it.
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    I read somewhere that AT&T corporate store allocation would be based upon their average sales volumes... so the busier, higher-profile stores will most likely be getting a lot more iPhones than smaller, suburban stores.
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    Add a bunch of services this month, then turn them all back off after you get the iPhone :)
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    Think maybe you should just hang tight til closer to the release date before you start to worry about it. I really dont think At&t is going to screw its current users like that. My friend @ the at&t store @ MoG says that theyre probably going to allow anyone who wants the thing to get one. I was also told that they will actually have the phones in house 3 days before launch.
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    Which Version

    Which version are you going after. I'm thinking 16GB Black one, but need to see how the white one looks, my wife may end up with that one.
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    That's definitely good news, and it makes since for them not to be douche bags about it :D. I talked to a customer service person on the phone and they said that I could more than likely get a 'secured upgrade' to the new iPhone when it launches, so I think that is settled, hopefully. And if all goes well maybe we'll get to see a preview of the new iPhones too. :)
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    I'm thinking the white one will look kind of, well, female, as the white versions of most phones turn out to be, which is perfect for the wife. I'm thinking the black 8G will be my choice (I'm not really gonna put much music on it).

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