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Atomic Web Browser - Retina or No?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by boltjames, Apr 7, 2012.

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    I'm confused about the Atomic Web Browser for iPad, hoping someone can help me.

    I've read several articles that claim that this browser has been optimized for the retina display, but when I look at it in the App Store it says that the last update for this app was December 8, 2011.

    Can someone let me know if indeed Atomic Web Browser has been optimized for the retina display? It's a great browser with many superior features compared with Safari, but if it's not optimized for retina and/or it's slower than Safari I think I'll take a pass.


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    You might be seeing those mentions about the Retina updates when the iPhone was updated. So far it hasn't been updated, the UI looks horrible, and the devs have not said a word about an update. I've switched over to using iCab.

    The 3rd party browsers are all def slower than Safari. Apple's "nitro engine" has never been made available to third party apps, and it doesn't sound like Apple will ever change its mind about that.

    I still use iCab regardless since, for me, the extra features easily out weight a millisecond difference in load times.
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    I don't think its retina updated yet ( as far as the ipad goes) but speedwise I feel like it's on par with safari maybe a little slower and feature wise I think it is quite a bit better e.g. identify as different browsers, lock rotation and my favorite is that you can go full-screen (the biggest reason for me to over safari)

    I haven't used icab yet on the ipad as I got the atomic browser for free but I don't think the ui is horrible however that of course depends on personal taste.Just out of curiosity, is there anything icab can do over atomic apart from the ui being different which is personal preference?
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    I dont mean the UI design is horrible, I mean that without the retina update its very laggy and pixelated. iCab pretty much does all the same things. It does have the visual bookmarks feature, which I really like.
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    Thanks guys, appreciate the clarification.

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    Wow, iCab is a fantastic app. Just downloaded it, thank you for the advice, Atomic Web Browser bye-bye.

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    I've used Atomic ever since I got a free version when it was first released.

    iCab has some good stuff going for it as well, and is better than the default browser. :)
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    I'm an iCab newb, but so far the only thing that Atomic has over it are colored toolbar themes. Other than that, iCab blows Atomic away with many more of the things that matter most in the post-Safari world. Tab switching w/screencaps, a custom start page w/favorite sites, a tremendous full-screen mode, fast caching, retina resolution, and a slew of custom gestures crush Atomic.

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    I'll have to re-download it then. I tried it for a while before and found it lacked several key features (at least for my usage).

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    I tried every web browser as they were released on the ipad and finally settled on Atomic. This was nearly 2 years ago now and I haven't bothered looking at any other browsers since. I may have to give iCab another look, but Atomic has become like an old friend giving me comfort every time i open her up.
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    I have been an Atomic user for years but lately, especially since I switched to an iPad 3, it was crashing too much on some forums I visit which I thought was due to the low memory on the iPad 1 but wasn't the case.

    I decided to give iCab a go and have been converted. Far superior to Atomic in my opinion these days. No crashing yet and one sites that Atomic would always crash, it's been solid. iCab has an insane amount of extras but you can turn off what you want and customize it nicely.

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