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Attack by Iraq? Is Bush stupid?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by peter2002, Jan 1, 2003.

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    Bush said yesterday that an attack by Iraq would cripple the US economy. Iraq is no more a military threat to the USA than Mexico or Canada. Ooh, we're shakin' in our boots.

    Well, for one, the US economy has already been crippled by Osama's Al Qaeda, which we have not killed nor captured none of its senior leaders.

    Iraq has only shot down 1 US plane since the beginning of the Gulf War. We killed more of our own men from "friendly fire". Iraq is a threat to Israel, not the USA. Let Israel fight its own wars. Jesus ain't comin' back to stop this nonsense, so let them have at it.

    The real threat is N. Korea. They have nukes and their leader is a freakin' insane Ghengis Khan wannabe, and their military has ballistic missles that can reach Japan, Alaska or Hawaii. If they don't use them, they are more than willing to sell them to terrorists that will ship them in a container ship to the port of Los Angeles. Bye, bye L.A. How do you think Pakistan got its missles and nukes anyway? It wasn't the nuke ferry.

    I say nuke'em now, or we will get nuked later. Which is a better choice? I see you agree...


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    I laughed when I heard that as well. Sorry but I seriously doubt Iraq can do anything to anyone outside it's own country, much less come to the US and attack us. Their planes wouldn't leave the no fly zone (they'd be shot down) and it's not like they have a real army much less any number of troops that could fight in the US. Not only that, but how would they get to the us? Iraq has no navy. I just had to laugh.

    Iraq could sponsor a terrorist attack and that's about it. Bush is reaching for straws trying to get the public to back an Iraqi war.

    Yet we are being peiceful with N Korea? Ok, now I'm confused.

    A quote today
    Someone is trying to step up and defy the US. Why? Not sure, but Bush would be better focused on N Korea then Iraq right now internationally.
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    Are you nuts? You want to drop a bomb on innoccent people? Just as a precaution?
    Jezus, what is this world coming to :/

    This is the cold war starting over again. And noone will use their nukes, since it'll mean suicide.

    When will Bush realize that countries may feel seriously threatened by trigger happy USA, forcing his will upon every nation, and that may drive dictators to develop nukes out of self defense.

    The Netherlands by the way is a nice obidient little country, ready to serve uncle sam anytime. Profit is the driving force of dutch politics. We are to small to be a significant force on this planet.. Unless, of course... we build a nuke of our own!.. perhaps we even have them, I wouldn't know.. Just in case we get tired of being told what to do you know..

    But seriously, I'm against all weapons period. But nukes in the wrong hands can be desastrous. But what are the "right" hands? USA, Russia, France, Israel, India? Who started this **** anyway? And who has proven to be crazy enough to use them?
    I can't really blaim anyone to wanting to be able to defend themselves. And I hope it's really for defense, and not offense.

    Anyway, I don't know what to do about north korea.
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    Acually what bush is really saying is that we need to fake another attack against the U.S since nothing besides a war will stop our economy from bombing.
    yay, fake attacks!
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    When Bush says an attack by Iraq it should be known that hes speaking of them sponsoring a terrorist attack of a fairly large scale against the U.S. As for N.Korea we should surgically strike their nuclear facilities and destroy any chance for them to develope nuclear weapons. Diplomacy with the N.Korean leadership is a waste of time. They didnt obey the 1st agreement so why would they obey any others.
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    Re: Attack by Iraq? Is Bush stupid?

    That's the kind of attitude that make people not like America, America is not the be all and end all of the world. Decissions that effect the world are not Bush's to make, they are everyones. Whilst N. Korea maybe braking the rules that is no reason to go in and nuke a nation (as temting as it mught be sometimes).
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    How about....

    We kill every single person that believes in Allah and is Muslim. Think how much better the world would be.

    Have you ever seen a terrorist thats name wasnt "Muhammed Allah Binladen" or some crap like that? How about a caucasian terrorist. What is the ratio of caucasian terrorists to Muslim terrorists? Like 1000/1?

    There would be no more terrorism. We would have oil. There would be no real threat to the U.S. (but russia and n. korea). I believe if we went in to N. Korea and took a tough stand that they would back down and stop thinking that their rice eating population can be a world power.

    I can see it now....rice powered nukes! :D :rolleyes:
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    You can't be serious.

    Nobody would be THAT stupid.
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    Either you are a very sick and twisted person or you just have a very sick and twisted sense of humor...
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    Re: How about....

    The ignorance you just showed is appaling to say the least, remember the Oklahoma City bombing? Couple of white guys wasn't it, what would you call the IRA, I'd call their deeds acts of terrorism myself. N.Korea could never be a world power because they eat rice????Does Japan not eat rice, nor China? Maybe N.Korea should beef up on Bigmacs.....:rolleyes:
    All Muslims are not terrorists *****. Comments like yours should ban you from the boards.
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    Re: Re: How about....

    I agree...MacAztec-you really need to think before you post, no matter how freely you wish to speak. You never know who might read your post.
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    Re: How about....

    You need to think about what you post before you post it. This is crap! :rolleyes:
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    I'm sorry

    Im sorry, most of what i said was a quote from someone else.
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    In the middle east, are they not taught IN SCHOOL to hate america? Or is that all a lie. Does the muslim religion not hate america?
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    Re: I'm sorry

    Who? :confused: No one else said anything like that.
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    You're thinking of the Muslim fanatics, which are no better than the so-called Christian KKK, that teach in those schools.

    Anybody who thinks that that gruop of people represents the whole Muslim culture and religion should be taken out and shot.

    And where the hell did you get that quote from??
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    A neighbor. We went golfing and were talking about the subject. He just said "Think what the world would be like if there were no muslums. I'm not trying to be racist, but are they ever going to do anything with their lives? They really don't do anything but live their lives 2000 years in the past."

    I just thought about it. I thought if we did have a few countries in the middle east as ours, and how different things would be. How cheap would gas get? Would their be fights over oil and stuff?

    Its only obvious that many people are taught to hate america. What does america do? Just wait and act like they have it under control because they catch a few terrorists, while there are 10s of thousands of people being bred that are taught to hate our country?

    Edit: My neighbor didn't really SAY what I said in that one post, but he really implied it.
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    Re: Well...

    I can't imagine why with comments like yours and your neighbous flying around :rolleyes:

    (I am not BTW saying they are right to do so, just saying....)
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    so to make gas cheaper we should kill off a whole race of people? are you serious? With your rational maybe we should kill all golfers so we can finally be at peace with one another.....
    this is ridiculous, this is a public forum, racism should not be tolerated or joked about, you are not a newbie and should know you need to watch what you say.
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    Mr. Anderson

    The Muslim extremists are using Islam and their religious beliefs to justify their acitons - and they aren't the majority of the population. And this sort of thing has been done around the world, continually in human history. It doesn't make it right and it only tends to color the situation the wrong way.

    You should do some research on the subject and try not to 'quote' someone without realizing the implications of your words. I also know of a person who told me the US should conquer the world and put everyone who doesn't like it in the Sahara or some such crap. We were in a public place with colleagues, so I couldn't laugh in his face the way I really wanted to. Rise above the Us vs. Them mentality and see that things are much more complicated than what you're being told - and make your own conclusions, don't let someone do the thinking for you.

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    Re: Well...

    Wow... You have a really stupid neighbor. Please continue, though - you're a riot. Haha.
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    Bush is not stupid, Bush THINK that you are stupid.
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    I think if there were any war, it would be a very horrible one. First off, I think Iraq has biological weapons. If war broke out, I think that a biological war is worse than a nuclear war. Say we had war with Korea, it would just be nukes going back and forth.

    I think there needs to be something done about nukes. How many does the u.s. have? Over like 4,000? Oh so we alone COULD take on the world, but it would be the end of mankind.
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    [IMO]Nuclear weapons are a curse on humanity. Those who have them threaten those who don't with them. Those who have them don't want others to have them and become aggressive when those other parties develop them.
    All of this is totally pointless as no one in there right mind will ever use the damn things because it could be the trigger of the end of the world.
    If any one nation takes the decission to start throwing nukes around and it could very easily spell the end of everything.[/IMO]:(
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    Yes, but many people who have nukes are NOT in their right mind...

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