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Attention all Budweiser drinkers

Discussion in 'Community' started by CrackedButter, Jan 28, 2004.

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    I'm doing a graphic design project on your favourite beer and i've been hard pressed to find some websites which cover this product.

    i'm wondering if you know any off hand and willing to share them with me and fellow drinkers.

    Im asking myself how far will i get with this, asking you lot! ;)
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    coincidentally, i'm drinking a budweiser right now. (but i can't help you with your project--sorry.)
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    Hate to state the obvious but:



    or you can Google under "Wassup".

    I found some interesting bootleg Bud commercials on an Italian site.

    The message of Budweiser's ads recently is: Budweiser, the official beer of the obnoxious drunk.
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    Thanks for those, the first one I had.
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    I might be able to help if you could send me out a sample .... good luckw ith the project, i'm not 100% on what your asking
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    Check out some pics of their sponsorship spot on the Williams F1 car. here

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