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ATV 1g or 3G?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by wildernessbob, Mar 25, 2012.

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    hey all,
    i'de like to get an ATV but i'm kinda getting sick of the things you CAN'T do with apple stuff. having said that, which would be better ATV1 or ATV3? i don't know too much about either, but a friend has the 2g or 3d and he says there are things he can't do with it. in my mind, i think i should be able to see what ever is on my mac screen, on my tv screen. maybe i just don't know what the thing is really for, but i want to be able to watch streaming video or downloaded movies, see pics, etc.
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    Get the Apple TV 3. The only thing the Apple TV 1 one does that the others don't is store the content locally on the drive.
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    Wirelessly posted

    You want an AppleTV 3. But it won't be able to mirror your display without OSX 10.8, or AirParrot.
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    OK, though i kind of like the idea of storing all the movies on the thing rather than filling up my computer HD. so you in the know, what doesn't the TV3 do that you think it should, or better, why jailbreak it?
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    Here is some good info on same topic. http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1338027

    In addition, as another user has noted elsewhere (HobeSoundDarryl) ATV1 includes analog audio out.....and as he noted "ATV1 had analog out and some of us hopes it makes a comeback in TV3. Why? It seems that those with receivers that include a zone 2 option (play main audio on zone 1 and a separate stream of audio on zone 2) generally require feeding that zone 2 functionality with an analog stereo signal."

    I'm someone who is using two ATV1's (though I bought two ATV2's for family members) that I upgraded HD's (500gb) so I could load it up with all my music (100gb!) along with pictures and movies. I've also jailbroken to add additional capabilities including Airplay from iPad using Remote HD app.

    What it comes down to is how you want to use your ATV. I have mine as part of a whole house audio system (using Airport Express's) and zone 2 out to drive killer sound system in backyard. Since I get Netflix and other options thru xbox 360 and blu-ray player....I just can't see myself blowing up my ATV1 setup.

    This is no knock on the ATV2/3....great little boxes....and should be gaining additional functionality as time goes on. Though I have to admit....I really wish they'd put a functioning USB port on the back for those of us who don't want to only stream.

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    so there really isn't a difference between them other than the onboard storage?
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    The Apple TV 1 has analog output and can't handle higher quality media without adding hardware to it.
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    thanks guys, i thought it would be an easy decision. i have an analogue tv and it's not that old. maybe an iTV to go with my ATV3!
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    Both of my ATV1's have HDMI output. It also has RGB connections to.
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    Intell was talking about the addition of analogue audio/video.
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    If you're getting sick of NOT being able to do things, then the ATV3 instead of the ATV1 is probably the dumbest move you can make.

    The ATV1 has analog and digital outs, for 15 bucks you can play the same content as the ATV3, you can use the internal storage (that you can expand), you can connect an external drive to the USB port, you can install different OS's on it... The ATV1 is like a proper little computer that you can use as a server and do whatever you want with, the ATV3 is more or less uniquely for serving you your iTunes content which you need a computer running to access...
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    ATV1. I bought it when the ATV2 lacking a hard disk was announced, in the same way I bought the old MBP when the new one without ExpressCard was launched.

    The ATV1 can be used as a music server without a TV, controlling it with the Remote app from an iOS device. You do need to hook it up to a screen for setup the first time.
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    I can do that with my ATV2 and ATV3. I just have an TOSLINK cable plugged into my receiver from the AppleTV.

    One of my minor annoyances with the new AppleTVs was the inability to play music without the computer containing your iTunes library being on. iTunes Match fixes that. It looks like Apple is even adding the ability to stream(some) iTunes purchased movies from their servers.
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    But the Apple TV 2/3 need a source. The Apple TV 1 can use its internal hard drive as the music source.
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    I covered that in the other part of my post. iCloud. I'm playing a genius playlist from my ATV right now, and while my MBP is on, I'm not running iTunes.
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    Those ATVs are not servers, they are clients.

    The ATV1 is a server.
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    iCloud is the source and it needs a working internet connection. The Apple TV 1 can be used in the middle of the desert with nothing but speakers and a power connection.
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    You can also store lossless tracks in the ATV1.
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    A server to what? I understand that it is nice to be able to store some content locally, but so far I haven't had a single problem streaming from the cloud.

    In my mind the functionality that you lose on the ATV2/3 is outweighed by the functionality that you gain.

    I guess you have a point, but I honestly don't know how often that would be an issue. If I were in the middle of the desert I'd be plugging my iPhone in to the speakers, not lugging a 1st gen ATV around.
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    A server of content and media. It servers content to itself. Where the 2/3 cannot serve anything to themselves but the stock screensaver photos.

    Some smart uses of the Apple TV 1 I've read about include loading it up with media and using it in a hotel room for media if you are not taking a laptop. Another is loading it with media and using it at a cabin or other remote area with no internet service for movies or music.
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    Well, I guess that would be useful, but like I said in my previous post I feel that the lost functionality of the ATV2/3 is outweighed by the gains. I don't have a problem keeping my media on my desktop or streaming from the cloud, and I'm not planning on bringing my ATV to a remote location with no internet access. But I do find AirPlay very useful. It really comes down to how a person is going to use the device. You and I are obviously going to use them in very different ways.

    Looking back to the original post, wildernessbob wants to use AirPlay to display what is on his computer screen on the television. I don't think you can do that with an original AppleTV. In a later post, he says he wants to store content on the AppleTV. He's going to need to decide what he wants more.
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    I was very happy with ATV1 and felt at the time that ATV2 without any storage was a backward step, but got used to it pretty quickly. Now I can't imagine needing internal storage, and having to sync it. I wouldn't go back. Also it was power hungry and ran so hot it was surprising it didn't die fairly quickly. ATV2/3 seems like a much better solution now to me.
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    That assumes you are willing to use iCloud.

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