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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Scarpad, Oct 12, 2010.

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    I know the original ATV had issues encoding 1280x720 files to anything but 24fps, has that changed with the ATV 2? Can I just leave the setting to original FPS and not have it studder like the original? Has anyone tested this?
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    In the "it can do 1080p" thread, some tested whether or not it appeared to be able to handle/display 720p60fps, which is a full 30fps above the published specs. They downloaded some 720p encoded at 60fps and then streamed it to the new :apple:TV. The driver of this test went with the discovery that it could apparently at least down convert 1080p content (even if the output appeared to be 720p when it reaches the HDTV). If it could do the very heavy lifting of down conversion, could it do more than 30fps as published in the specs?

    The answer was inconclusive. Nobody had anything that would definitely confirm whether 60fps were coming out of the :apple:TV2. Best I saw was subjective feedback about those clips being "buttery smooth", which is how 60fps should look. Still, it would be great to get a conclusive, OBJECTIVE answer to that question.

    Maybe :apple:TV2 is just limited to 720 resolution out, such that it might be able to pass 60fps? I'd like to know that too.
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    i have the new apple tv and its not "buttery smooth".
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    Try feeding it some optimized 720p60fps video.
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    i dont have media with 60 fps:p i only rent from itunes store:) and have some youtube videoes downloaded
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    The specs say it now handles up to 720p/30fps so the answer to your question is yes something has changed. The 24 fps is no longer the limit. Now people are testing how well it does above 720p/30 and getting different results. 720p/60 seems to play just fine and 1080p/30 only to a certain extent but currently it will down rez the 1080 to 720 when output to the tv.

    So the good news is that 720p/30 now plays like a champ even at very high bitrates. Some people have tested 720p/30fps content at bitrates that average 32mbps and reported the new Apple TV has no problems with that at all. The old Apple TV was bitrate limited even at 720p/24fps.

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