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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Toltepeceno, Jun 21, 2013.

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    For some reason the subtitles are tiny on the atv3 since the last update. This is movies that I have encoded into mp4 and muxed in srt files. They are fine with any other player, but tiny now on atv3. Has anyone else had this problem? The subtitles look the same size on the tv as they do on the laptop. It just started.
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    IIRC Subler can change the size of srt subtitles? But maybe thing will be fixed in a new AppleTv update?
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    The size of the subs varies depending on the aspect ratio of the file. Movies in 1.85:1 (that fills a 16:9 screens completely) and Tv shows that always are in 16.9 shows a decent size subs. When it comes to movies in 2.35:1 aspect ratio (that leaves black bars above and below the video) the subs gets smaller.

    One would hope Apple would adress this in the forthcoming ios7 update. The beta has shown options to adjust subs.

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    OK. SRT subtitles have no way to add a command to resize subs, it's up to the device to set the size. Every other program displays them the same, it was apple that changed. No matter what resizing you try to do with the subtitle program. I tried everything, atv just started showing them much smaller. They were larger with this aspect ratio before the last update, I have a bunch of movies and all with soft encoded spanish subtitles. I figured there might be a reason. There is.

    niklask, funny you should mention the beta. I was reading where the beta had these settings but it only works with Itunes downloaded media. I had to see for myself.

    I installed the beta as subtitles are a MUST with the wife and kids and the way they changed do not cut it. I would not have installed it if not for that.

    I went into the settings and there is a custom setting where you can size them however you want and there is a quick default and a larger setting. The fonts before this update were in between these two. They made the default size smaller and the larger is larger than what they were. In fact the larger setting is perfect and you can have a background at whatever % transparency you want. I have no idea why they made the default smaller before 5.4.

    So yell at me if you want about me installing the beta (I know some will), but if I had not I would be dumping it for a roku as subtitles are a must and apple threw a curve on the subtitles early. I WILL be staying with Apple TV now.

    Oh, the settings work with my mp4's with srt subtitles so it's not just itunes downloaded stuff.

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