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ATV airplay w/o internet wifi

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by caccamolle, Jan 25, 2011.

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    I want to get an ATV for a place where I don't have internet at all.

    The idea would be that I download movies/shows in my main place (iTunes only) onto my laptop, then I can go to the other apartment and stream that content from the laptop to a TV there via ATV.

    Is this at all possible ?

    I obviously truly don't quite understand this. I would think that a network would exist merely between my laptop and the ATV (independently of internet), but I think I am wrong.
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    You could use an AirPort Express to create the network. I think that you will have a problem though.

    To use Home Sharing (which is required for ATV2), you need to log into iTunes from the ATV, because both the ATV and the computers hosting iTunes have to use the same iTunes account.

    Not sure if you can get the ATV connected to the account, then move it to the remote location and still do home sharing.

    In this case, you might do better with the original ATV from the clearance or refurb store. The original version doesn't use HomeSharing, so you should be able to get away without logging in.
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    I would think you could set up an adhoc network to stream media. I do not think you need the internet for file sharing between the two as long as you have home sharing on in itunes and on the apple tv. This is something that should be tested to be sure though.
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    You could try setting up an adhoc wireless network and then use Airplay from iTunes. That would be easier than using Home Sharing because I believe Home Sharing requires actual internet service for initial setup and verifying any DRM content.
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    I tried to do the exact same thing, it doesn't work w/ out internet unfortunately. If you have an iPhone though you can put your video on it and then after turning on wifi on the iPhone you will have about thirty seconds to start your itunes movie because the iphone will actually be connected to 3g and wifi at the same time. or you can tether your iphone for internet to use home sharing.
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    ouch ... complicated !!! in fact, probably not possible. Sux, paying for another internet connection just does not make sense.

    By the way, I am talking about an apartment that is two floors below mine where I have internet connection. Can you think of any tric to get that signal down ?

    I have tried moving around an airport express set up as "extension" but with very little luck. When I put it near the windows at time I manage to get a signal downstairs but too weak to do anything decent.

    May be another a/x downstairs, near the windows there to capture the signal and strengthen it ?

    It's an apartment building so my choices are limited...
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    The airplay solution is an easy one. Just have an adhoc network set up and change the setting in itunes to airplay to apple tv from the computer. Are you running a mac or pc?
    Second you should be able to find your network if it is just 2 floors above you, may have trouble if it is concret floors.
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    others suspect this may not work due to DRM and stuff. I can try anyway since I need a second ATV regardless.

    As to concrete floors ... oh yes, this is no house, it's a manhattan apartment building, signal I guess can only go through windows, but I guess it's got a hard time coming back in ! I am positive the building in front of me see my network 100%!

    Macs only here :)
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    No, we were referring to Home Sharing. Airplay definitely does work. There are no DRM restrictions. Airplay works from iTunes to the Apple TV just like it works from iOS device to Apple TV. This is different from Home Sharing.
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    ok, some good news here, potentially.

    I was not too clear I guess.

    All I want is the following.

    When I am home, where I have internet connection and all, I use my MBP to go to the iTunes store and rent/buy a movie/show. Once downloaded into my iTunes I go downstairs and send it wirelessly from my MBP to the ATV (I guess this is "airplay"). Will my MBP manage to do that (it's the current revision 17") ?

    I know I could simply connect directly to the TV but it would be, relatively speaking, very inconvenient. Consider the half/ass hdmi connection that we have on this MBP: since it's only video I still need to connect, separately, the audio to the TV/receiveer. I do have the HDMI adaptor and tried it but it's a PITA.

    Apple spoils us with all this wireless stuff, for good reasons, so for me every cable I need is a defeat :)
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    Yes you can rent/buy movies on your mac through Itunes. Then take it down stairs and start the movie in itunes, at the lower right hand side of the pop up status bar, there is a rectangle with a triangle on it. Click this and change from computer to apple tv. This will send it from your computer to your tv as long as you have an adhoc network set up on your mac and your atv connected to it. You can to a google search to find out how to make an adhoc network. Really easy to do.
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    great, thx.

    That is the answer I was looking for, I guess: the "adhoc network". I was just not sure that it can be created. I will do this tomorrow, hopefully time will allow.
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    I did this for quite awhile as I did not have a router and was not going to hook a LAN cable to the atv and all the way to my couch. It takes 5-10 min to set up, and then you can have other Idevices connectt to it as well.
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    no luck.

    ATV does not see the adhoc network.

    May be you have done this with the old ATV ?
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    Well I was curious about this so I tried it myself and my adhoc network didn't show up either. However, when I hold down option while clicking on the Airport menu item, I can see that the adhoc network is only 11mbps whereas my 5Ghz N network is reporting a full 300mbps. Is the adhoc only for very short wireless ranges or something? My Apple TV is probably too far away to pick it up and your case is likely the same. I'm on a desktop so I can't move it closer to try.
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    nope. I am 10' away from the ATV !

    I am using my MBP to set up the adhoc network, and seating on my couch.
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    I am in a similar situation. What I initially did was to use mywi from iphone sharing internet to usb on my macbook. I then shared internet to airport, and the apple tv could connect to that. After I set up home sharing, i was able to turn off mywi, and still do home sharing. Another option would be to take it all somewhere where there is internet, set it up, then when you come home, turn create a new network with your macbook named the exact same thing as the network where you originally set it up, same password too. Your apple tv will think its the same network, connect right away, and you can still do home sharing and airplay.
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    thx - I will try the second option

    Just to make sure, the steps involved are (1) take it home where I have internet (including a ATV2 !) and set-it up with the wifi network there, lets call it network1. (2) disconnect ATV2 bring it downstairs and just turn it on. (3) create a adhoc network on my MBP, called network1 and now the ATV2 should see it. Sounds correct ?
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    You'll want to create the network on your macbook before turning on the apple tv the second time. The easiest way to do this is system prefs, turn on internet sharing from something to airport, and under advanced make sure that the network name is network1 with the same password the one in step 1 had, if any.
  20. caccamolle, Jan 29, 2011
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2011

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    ooops, having some troubles, what's new.

    Anyhow, we are talking about creating a "computer to computer network" and the problem I seem to have is with the passwords.

    At home, where I have a wireless wife network I use a 8 character password (WPA2 Personal). This is not an option when setting up a network where the only password type I can use is wep (40 or 128 bit).

    In other words, I cannot create a network on my mbp that uses the same password as my wifi network.

    I considered changing the latter password but when configuring it there is no option to use WEP 40 or 128 type passwords other than a weird wep (transitional security network) which does not to seem to be the same anyhow.

    What am I doing wrong ?

    Also, another issue I have is with enabling internet sharing. IF indeed you refer to the option given in the Sharing panel of the System Preferences I don't know what to do because the only options I have in the "to" Field are Ethernet and Firewire. My understanding would be that I need to share my connection from Airport "To Computers using Airport" but I can only select Firewire or Ethernet.
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    Ok, one problem I have apparently resolved. Internet Sharing needs airport to be off in order to show up as an option.
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    If all else fails, you could always buy an Apple TV version 1 from somewhere, then load up its hard drive with content and take it with you.
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    ok, success !

    I should say in part as I have only been able to test audio, not video.

    The "adhoc" network worked perfectly.

    The trick that someone mentioned is that one has to have Internet Sharing turned on. I had a hard time doing this for some reason a couple of days ago but tonight it went smoothly and I could ariplay music from my iTunes to the ATV. Tomorrow I will try with video. The simplicity of it all is actually quite cool.

    This could be real nice in my case.

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