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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by AnthonyCM, Nov 21, 2010.

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    I'm considering mailing my first gen ATV to my mother. She wanted it for the picture gallery.

    Now, she does not have wireless in her home, and the computer in her home is in a room far from her television. Is there a way she can put her pics, music, etc. on the ATV without having a wireless network (or without having the ATV hooked up to the computer and television at the same time)?

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    does she have a hard wired network?
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    Yes, the computer is wired. Only one Ethernet port on the cable modem (which her computer is currently using).
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    I dunno, she could probably use a Ethernet crossover cable and connect it from the computer to the apple TV to sync up.
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    Just place the Apple TV right next to the computer, connect with an ethernet cable, and then sync the pictures. Then move the Apple TV to the TV room.
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    Yes, but don't you need to see the code that flashes on the television to sync it to the iTunes account when first setting it up?

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