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ATV streaming from network HD without computer

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by musio, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Is there a way (or speculation on the ATV 2?) to have movies stored on an external HD attached to an airport extreme WItHOUt having your mac on?

    I'm basically looking for any way to watch movies on the ATV2 without having the Mac involved.

    Ideas welcome! Thanks:)
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    If you have an iOS device, you can watch movies on your ATV directly from the device using Airplay when iOS 4.2 is available. That way your Mac does not have to be involved.
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    The Time Capsule or Airport Extreme Base Station are not iTunes servers. They are just file servers. They don't have the smarts to be an iTunes server, at least not right now.
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    That's a pain. For my partner, i didn't want to use my mac oripad - a storage solution would be the preferred way (like ATV v1)...dam :(
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    My Mac Mini will be serving AppleTVs. Since i have a Time Capsule, the Mini will sleep when it can, and be woken up when needed.
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    I hope a hack comes out soon :p
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    You can get NAS drives that will serve the files using an iTunes protocol or something like that. If that was then plugged into your extreme, it should work.

    Word of caution though, I have heard that with iTunes 10, a lot of those NAS iTunes solutions stopped working. Can't see why myself as the :apple:TVs would still see it from a mac running iTunes 9.

    Worth a look maybe.
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    Actually on second thought I cant see this working for :apple:TV as you need to 'log' the tv into it. Forget I mentioned it.
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    Actually it depends on your NAS. The ones that run windows home server can install the full version of iTunes. These are the more expensive HP and the like.

    The simple WD World Book and the like will probably not work.

    I just wish that apple would include it in the time capsule, then I could sell 20 to friends and family. I don't sell them just recommend good products.

    But apple wants to rent and not sell considering their pathetic hard drive sizes..... An iMac in 2010 with a 500 GB hard drive for over $1000 ???
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    Omne666 - thanks! This is the kind of genius 'thinking outside of the box' (get it? :) answer i was hopping for.

    Now, could anybody recommend any good NAS's that works connected to the extreme?

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