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ATV Update - Snow Leopard

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by natasha69, Aug 11, 2009.

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    With the release of Snow Leopard, which is Leopard, but more lean and mean, and assuming you see a tablet running it, do you think that we'll see ATV get a snow leopard refresh as well? The first ATV release was completely replaced. Since we have not seen an update in over 18 months, could it be that ATV will get a refresh as well?

    My wife and I love our ATV's. It seems reasonable then that ATV would still get an update and not dropped by Apple (they want to be in the living room space). But with a Snow Leopard ATV, we'd see apps being developed for ATV and the tablet, just like for the iphone.
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    Cave Man

    I doubt this happens.

    It doesn't use Leopard now, so I don't see why it would run SL, unless there's some compelling reason to port it. Certainly not OpenCL.

    No, it's the same device. The only difference was updated OS that leverages the gpu.

    One can only hope.
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    For what it's worth, the original Apple TV OS 1.0 was based on Mac OS X 10.4. Mac OS X 10.5's Front Row received a subset of Apple TV 1.1 features. And I think Apple TV Take 2 refreshed its underpinning to Mac OS X 10.5.

    While it's possible that Apple TV OS 3.0, if it is forthcoming, could be based on 10.6, such effort will be invisible to the end user. And it is entirely possible that Apple TV OS has progressed beyond the point of being able to merge into/from Mac OS X code base, much like iPhone.
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    Cave Man

    Take 2 is 10.4 as well.
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    It would seem to make the most sense for the Tablet to use an OS based on the iPhone/IpodTouch. The AppleTV probably makes most sense to be based on OSX, and with a new QuickTime coming with SL, it definitely makes sense for an AppleTV refresh to leverage this OS.

    I would also like to see a Tablet integrate in a number of ways with a new AppleTV. I think a killer app for the Tablet is the ultimate couch potato companion.
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    I'm hoping for an update that leverages the HTTP live streaming from QuickTime X & iPhone 3.0.
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    God I hope not! If they make it locked down to Apple App Store, with Apple "approving" every app before you may run it on a tablet - lot of people won't buy it.

    But that's a conversation for another thread ;)
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    LOL... They have sold what 30-40Million iPhones? 1.5Billion apps downloaded? In just a year or two? There is no doubt in my mind that the tablet will leverage this success. The iPhone is Apples new growth vector... the tablet is another way to cash in on this.

    There's what 10 or 20 stories of app store issues, and people think its doomed (despite the 50,000+ apps and 1.5Billion downloads). :rolleyes:

    Also, there are practical technical reasons to use the iPhone OS... it's optimized for lower hardware requirements which are absolutely critical on a thin portable device like this since battery life will be a key factor in this product's usefulness and success. The hardware required to run OSX with a reasonable user experience is simply too power hungry. The low end Mac Book Air is already heavily criticized... trying to put that in a tablet form factor with any kind of reasonable battery life is impossible.

    Back on topic: I really hope we see a new AppleTV announced in Sept, leveraging new hardware and Snow Leopard/QuicktimeX
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    well if ATV and the tablet are running a flavor of SL, i'm assuming there will be some common SDK for the two of them. probably not the iphone SDK, but most likely the mac SDK? the whole reason i started this thread. apps are coming, but they will be a different flavour for these two products.
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    I believe the iPhone and AppleTV both run a flavor of OSX... I still maintain the tablet will use the same API's, look and feel, and app store model of the iPhone.

    If, I mean IF, they update the AppleTV this fall or next spring, it will likely run on Snow Leopard but will have it's own UI much like it does now. Alternatively, they could turn the AppleTV into an extension of the iPhone model as well.

    We will just have to wait and see. :)

    Neither the tablet or AppleTV will ever offer a desktop and app experience like a Mac in my humble opinion.
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    I agree with you. What I'm wondering though is this:

    Will Apple let the iPhone Dev program ($99) suffice in order to develop on those two platforms?

    Or will they launch a new SDK program (i doubt this)

    Or will they require a regular Mac Dev program subscription($499/select or $3499/premier) (I think they will do this, as it will require a more serious investment, so will attract more serious developers, and should attract enough of the iPhone devs who have had their appetites increased by the success of the iPHone program)

    Apple's goal is to build up their dev base. But right now the switching cost is pretty low if you are an iPhone developer. $99 is nothing.

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