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ATV with remote speakers/airtunes

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by benlee, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Can an ATV be used as like an airport express. SO you can use remote speakers connected to it from the computer and the TV?
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    I'm not clear exactly what your question is but ATV will show up in iTunes just like an airport express would.

    When you play music from iTunes, it will stream through your TV's speakers (or whatever you have hooked to your ATV).

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    I'm pretty sure you answered my question. I will be a little more detailed just to make sure.

    If I have an Apple TV hooked up to my TV for video and a receiver for audio. Then I can turn on the TV and select music that is on my computer's itunes and play it from the TV or I can also go into the other room where my computer is and select a song in itunes and have it play through the speakers that are hooked up to the Apple TV?

    Thanks for the help.
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    You can set up AppleTV (Take 2) to be an AirTunes speaker. You can stream music from your computer to it and use the remote via the AppleTV to change the song, pause etc - however it is actually iTunes on your computer that is controlling it and not the AppleTV. This works for audio being streamed from your computer only - it will not stream the audio from the AppleTV.
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    Thanks for this info. So an Apple TV can now be chosen as one of multiple speakers from iTunes and can sync with Airport Expresses? If so I could get one for the living room and move the Airport Express that is there now somewhere else.

    If they bring out a decent remote application for the iPhone/Touch or the yet to be announced mini-tablet, or Salling Clicker is ported once the SDK is announced in February, I should be able to avoid buying a Sonos or Squeezebox system. :)
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    Is there anything published by Apple that describes this new ability to control music streaming at the computer (AExp style)? I've heard people talk about it, but so far I haven't seen any documentation. Not that I doubt, I just want to read whatever Apple has to say about it. I often use my :apple:TV to stream music (controlled at the TV), and this new ability will be useful to me.
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    Remote Buddy

    I think this works via the internet? I'd rather just be connecting over my local wifi network. Pretty cool app though; I'd still like to see what Jonas at Salling Clicker comes up with if he decides to do something
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    Check out the griffin air click remote. Tiny, cheap and RF so it works all over the house. Great for skipping tracks when using multiple speakers in iTunes.
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    I think that's the opposite of what the previous post was asking.

    "Take 1" has a complete interface to any computer it's connected with for sharing, so you can stream anything that is in that computer's library (as long as it's compatible with the AppleTV). What can't be done is from the computer to the Apple TV and use it as remote speakers (AirTunes).

    It might be handy (in Take 2) to use it as an AirTunes remote speaker, but I don't see any feature listed for that.

    The only things that go back to the computer are purchased items.
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    Thanks. I use Salling Clicker over wifi on a SIM free Nokia E61 which works well, but a well thought out offering from Apple would be nice. Or Salling Clicker on a Touch. Apple are nearly there with whole house audio but need to connect all the dots.
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    Actually that is the only way AirTunes will work with Take2 - as an airtunes speaker from your computer (with the option of using the remote to control your computers iTunes via the AppleTV) - see the second post on this thread - then click on his link in his signature - he's pretty much the only one here that knows for 100% what he is talking about.

    AppleInsider has screen shots of the setup menu for this as well.
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    Do you have a link?
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    Attached Files:

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    Didn't know that - thanks. But, it still means streaming from the Apple TV to the Airport Express, not streaming from iTunes (and controlling from iTunes) to the AppleTV.

    Hope we all get to play with the update tomorrow!
    (must get to work installing 250GB drive in mine :) )
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    Nope its the other way around - the music is streamed from the computer with iTunes to the AppleTV as an AirTunes destination (speakers).

    See what Kevin wrote in post #2:

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    This is what the AppleInsider article stated: Another new audio feature is support for AirTunes (below). Using an Airport Express Base Station, Apple TV can now wirelessly stream audio out to the same speakers used to distribute music from iTunes.

    Just reporting what they wrote. It means the source is AppleTV, not iTunes. So, thus the confusion. The article conflicts with what "Kevin" posted.
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    Yes, AI has that part wrong, I trust Kevin over AppleInsider - you might want to click on that link in his signature and see where he works and what he works on for a living.

    Also - you might want to read the whole AI article - I linked to it for the screen shot - but the article has many errors in it - like saying rentals in iTunes can not be transfered to AppleTV.
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    How would I know AI had that part wrong over a comment made here? I thought you had posted the link for reference.

    I didn't read anything into the "Kevin" site, other than something about being "on the team". If he's a current Apple Employee (ESPECIALLY in s/w engineering) or even an ADC member, then any comments here (even if it's public knowledge) are against company policy. They're not even supposed to read rumor sites. If he's an Apple Employee linking to his own website from MR, well - that's usually on the bad side of the good/bad scale. Even worse, it's a .mac account (which are given to employees). I wish him the best, but he should know Apple has no sense of humor (that they're aware of) when it comes to this sort of activity - even when done with the best of intentions.

    All that aside (which is pretty much off topic, anyway), the screen shot is of the Apple TV interface, not iTunes.

    Hopefully, it'll all be moot in a few hours, anyway.
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    (Im not sure if Kevin has special permission to be posting here or not - but it appears he does indeed work on it - he sat with the developers on the 3rd row during the Keynote - he even has pics on his site etc, Im guessing he has special permission or something but I have no idea in reality, after all AppleTV is just a "hobby" of Apples ;P ).

    Hopefully we will know soon on everything:)

    The way I understand it is that the screen shot is just a submenu to Airtunes options (turn it on/off, set a password).

    Either way Im looking forward to seeing what we actually get ;)
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    That thought crossed my mind, too. I probably have a bit of a mental block as to the usefulness of using the :apple:tv as a AirTunes remote speaker (mimicking AirPort Express) - it sorta goes against the "no computer needed" idea. And, for me, I don't always have the :apple:tv set as my audio input device (DirectTV, Blu-Ray, X-Box, DVD Recorder, etc - you get the idea. It keeps my Harmony Remote busy.). So, it really seemed to make more sense for it to talk to another audio system (as opposed to the iTunes > :apple:tv route).

    It's now 12:15. Do "you" know where "your" update is? ;)

    I'm hoping I'll get a second wind to get my new 250GB drive setup for it. I have a 160GB now, but last week it started making a sound no 2.5" drive should make. It's still running, but I wanted to make sure I had a working :apple:tv when the update came around.

    I'm sure I'll be one with some feedback as soon as possible after updating. If it goes as advertised, I'll be buying a LOT less PPVs from DTV.
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    no where to be found :(
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    In fact, it makes more sense for the AppleTV to be the source to show up in the Airtunes menu.

    The way :apple:TV is rigged lends itself to being the hub where the best audio system in your home is piped through.

    It would make a lot of sense to send your laptop's audio to that system through :apple:TV

    Anyway, for all we know, it can work both ways.
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    Remote Buddy only works through WiFi even though it uses Safari.
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    I officially acknowledge the error AI made. :eek:

    *putting ketchup on own words*

    Not only does the tv function as AirTunes speakers, but it allows you to control tracks (pause, play, etc.) through the tv.

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