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ATV2 Media server

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by wikkid, Mar 8, 2012.

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    I currently hold my music and movies (10k+ music and 100+ movies) on a NAS running FreeNAS. ITunes on my laptop has the movies on it and i need my Laptop on with the movie that i wish to watch loaded into Itunes in order to watch it on my ATV2.
    The FreeNAS box has a ITunes server built into it and that would mean that the ATV2 could 'see' the movie direct from the server and play it without the laptop between them, am i correct in this? The issue isn't to bad while i have only one ATV, but if a get a second one for the bedroom, then i need to carry the laptop upstairs and put the film into ITunes on it to watch the movie then turn off the laptop.
    Reading last night that there were issues with Itunes 10.5(??) and Linux's Bonjour(??) Server, is this still the case or am i looking at the wrong thing?
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    Unfortunately the "iTunes servers" that come with NASes are only good for audio and won't work for video. For video you need a full copy of iTunes running on OSX or Windows.
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    Thanks Peterjcat

    Saves me a lot of time looking into something that won't do what i want anyway.
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    If you're willing to jailbreak then XBMC should be able to play the videos straight off of your NAS.

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