ATV2 stream from iMovie projects? From Media Browser?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Brian33, Jan 11, 2011.

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    I'd love to get an ATV2 for the family to watch home-shot video on our TV. I gather that ATV2 will stream movies that are in my iTunes library.

    Will it also stream projects from iMovie? Would I have to "share"/publish them to iTunes or the Media Browser first? And would the ATV see movies in the Media Browser (wherever that is)?

    Thanks for any insight. (Mac OS X 10.6.5, iMovie '08 7.1.4, iTunes 10.1.1)

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    They have to be in iTunes.
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    Thanks for that. I suspected as much, but was hoping I wouldn't have to put them all into iTunes. Not a big deal, I guess.
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    I believe there are hacks you can use that allow you to use Airplay from other applications, but at the moment, it's just iTunes. :/
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    Videos in iPhoto show up too and iPhoto does not have to be running but iTunes still does.
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    Well THAT'S good to know. All of my Flip videos get imported directly into iPhoto, so this means (for me at least) that I can view my clips on the new ATV without going through iMovie and sharing them with iTunes.
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    Yes, there was a recent iTunes update that added a checkbox for videos when you go to iTunes and click on Advanced > Choose Photos to Share.
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    Making it harder and harder for me to not go out and spend $99 on a new ATV.

    My 3yo one should be 'on the fritz' anytime ;)

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