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ATV3 & OSX Mountain Lion display issue

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Sybrant, Jul 25, 2012.

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    Soon after upgrading to my newly acquired OSXML, I instantly started play around with the Airplay mirroring. I come to find out that whenever I mirror my screen to my television, it only shows my desktop screen in the top left corner of the screen and a bit of the left is cut off from view. Anyone having these issues, or are there any remedies?
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    I haven't played with it much but I noticed there was an option to choose which display to set the resolution to. I had mine set to the apple tv and it worked great.
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    To my amazement after purchasing the upgrade to ML today, the AirPlay feature I was looking forward to more than any other was unavailable. Apparently Apple is trying the same trick they did with mobile phones. AirPlay is unavailable for an Macbook purchased before 2011. What a joke!!!!
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    You wouldn't be amazed if you took the time to read the specs, which clearly state:
    Apple - OS*X Mountain Lion - Read the technical specifications.
    Now, what's the joke? :rolleyes:
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    That is unbelievable, I can't believe that they would blind side macbook owners like that - oh well.

    On another note, the resolution problem fixed itself - just needed to reboot :)
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    They didn't "blind side" anyone. They published the requirements for anyone to see. If someone didn't read it, that's their fault. Apple can't be held responsible for anyone's failure to gather facts before making decisions.
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    Not to mention it's been discussed at multiple websites. Frankly, if you do any investigation at all, no matter how cursory, I have to believe you would see that ML mirroring would not work on pre-2011 macs.
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    AirPlay mirroring uses Intel QuickSync, which is a realtime encoder/decoder for H264 (which is what Apple uses to send a feed to the Apple TV).

    This technology is only available to Intel processors after Sandy Bridge.

    So if you have an MBP from 2011 and up, you will get AirPlay mirroring.

    Use AirParrot if you want to use mirroring on an older mac.

  9. mic j, Jul 26, 2012
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    AirParrot is a poor substitute, laggy, juddery, pixelated and you can cook dinner on your Mac's CPU while using it (even worse when trying to mirror flash video, which is also CPU intensive)...but I guess it's the best option out of the other mirroring apps that mirror directly from the mac to the aTV.

    Edit: I need to qualify my statement. Apparently it works better on multi-core processors...at least that's what some people say.
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    Um that's the whole point.

    AirPlay is super smooth because Apple uses Intel QuickSync and the CPU takes care of the realtime hardware encoding/decoding.

    If you don't have Intel QuickSync, then your best option is AirParrot or a direct connection to your HDTV.
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    I know that's the point and agree with you 100%. I just see multiple posts on the forum that AirParrot is a solution and I suppose it is...a poor solution though if you don't have a multicore mac. The best recommendation that I can make is to use the trial and really challenge it by trying to play flash video, bluray files, etc before giving them money. I tried it and thought it looked fairly good, but I didn't really challenge it.
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    Hi guys,

    I know this is a pretty naive question but I don't remember when I got my laptop. Is there anyway of finding out if my MBP is suitable for airplay mirroring before I shell out the 100 bucks for Apple TV?

  13. mic j, Jul 26, 2012
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    click on the apple in the upper righthand corner. click on About This Mac, then More Info. If it does not state the year made, there is a website you can go to, put in the serial # (also found in the About This Mac info) and it will give you more information about your mac than you thought possible. Google for the website as I don't remember it off hand. Also, if it's core duo anything, don't bother looking anything up...your hosed.

    Edit: http://www.appleserialnumberinfo.com/Desktop/index.php (I'm in a good mood so I did it for you.
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    I'm having the same problem. Even when I tell it to match the desktop size to the apple TV all I get is a portion of my iMac's display. I can't select the iMac as an option. It's there, but when I clock on it nothing happens and the shceck box stays on the apple tv.

    I've noticed a lot of odd little bugs when playing with the settings, too. If I enable airplay mirroring from the menu bar it still shows Off in System Preferences. Then when I click on the dropdown in System Preferences both Off and the AppleTV are selected. If I turn it off in the preferences dropdown, then turn it back on the same way the menu bar icon goes from blue to black, then stays that way even though mirroring is on.

    I'm not impressed so far.
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    mid 2011 air uses sandy bridge and airplay works, so I'm not sure what you mean by only available AFTER Sandy Bridge.
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    I think this is a Mountain Lion bug. Check out the crash report from your console. I reported it to Apple support.
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    ?? Was my statement that unclear?

    What does AFTER Sandy Bridge mean? That means anything after Sandy Bridge and above.

    Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge (current), and in the future.

    Your Air 2011 with SB will work as well.

    God, this forum makes me lose faith in humanity sometimes.
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    Are you serious? AFTER sandy bridge means EXCLUDING sandy bridge. its OK if english isn't your first language. And please, this isn't day time soap, so there's no drama needed.
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    Oh lord. Are you seriously telling me you have never heard the saying "After so and so?"

    Let's not get into semantics. It's understandable that the capability to understand a simple sentence is not there, but it's best to try to cope with reading more, listening (especially listening), maybe watching a bit more television. Just to increase your readership ability in the English language.

    It's well known that the U.S. Education system is failing to teach it's graduates the means of understanding the English language, but I hope readers such as yourself have had a higher education...but if the latter is true, then I would go back and complain to your teachers that they weren't able to teach you basics of the language and/or corrected you when you made the mistake.

    Good luck ! :)
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    Your insulting tone isn't warranted. Your original statement *was* worded poorly. You should have stated something like "as of Sandy Bridge" or "Sandy Bridge and newer".
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    It was not. It might be because you're from a rural area and you have never heard of a similar sentence. It happens. You're in the wrong, here. Let it go :)
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    I love it. By all means, please continue to argue in favor of using 'after' in a way contrary to common sense and Webster's definition of the word. So, if I asked you to list all of the numbers that come after 8, you would include the number 8 in your list?
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    You're right. I shouldn't blame you for your lack of understanding of basic english, but place the blame on the US education system. :) Don't worry though, I'm not upset with you, I just feel sad for you, like in the old days when certain people insisted the earth was flat.
  24. SDAVE, Jul 27, 2012
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