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    I think mine will be in the mail today. I will let you know how it goes.
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    I paid the $20 to become a site member which allows access to a prebuilt patchstick that I can copy to my own USB flash drive. I do like the regular updates that are performed and posted for users. I don't like the vulgar language that the developer uses on the website and in the forums, just not very professional in my opinion. Another think I don't like is that the their patchstick adds an :apple:TV4Windows screen during the boot process.
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    So the $20 package gets just the software, is that correct? While the next tier they actually send you a flash drive w/ the software preloaded?
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    Yes you can buy a USB drive with the software preloaded on it. The next time the software is updated you will have to recreate your patchstick with the new software so why not just build it from the start.
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    Your speaking of the next apple tv software update right?
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    The problem here is the fact that you have to buy your own USB stick (which might not work - there are many threads in the forums about that).
    Secondly you have to create the file- and partition structure yourself.
    Thirdly, the ATV4Win bootloader changes fundamental settings like the bootlogo etc. -just to be flashy in my mind.
    So if something goes wrong, you might end up with an ATV with an ATV4Win boot logo. That might be a problem when trying to get service for it. :eek:
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    Have they gotten the AFP networking working yet? In their beta they said it was coming soon. Or does SMB work? That too wasn't working in beta.
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    No I am talking about the next time the patchstick is updated.
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    You jave NO idea, my friend. I recently had issue with something after an attempt at joining the ATV4Windows site. Granted, I was quite peeved at the situation and had typed "WTF" in the subject line of an email. However, the content of the email was very straight forward and contained no vulgar language.

    Well, the same can't be said for the email he returned. Consequently, I sent him another commenting on his language and overall conduct which, again, contained no vulgar language. He then sent the final email of our correspondence stating that my money was refunded, but not without including even more negative and disparaging remarks.

    And I was of the same opinion regarding the ATV4Windows boot screen.
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    i am quite glad i found this. You sent me an email saying WTF. You are a scam and where is my site access... You paid via echeck, which takes 3-5 days to clear paypal. You jumped immediately down my throat with some harsh comment, yes no vulgar language, but not such nice wording.

    We at atv4windows try to give everyone there best experience with the AppleTV. I admit i did send a very nasty email back, i am sorry for that, but i was very upset with your first email.
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    Installed fine this morning. Pretty busy day for me so I didn't get much time. Ready to mount some drives to it. I'll keep you posted on any issues.

    I'm actually glad atv4windows is around. Vulgarities aside, he keeps in contact with the users. Unlike ATV Flash from what i've been reading.
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    Your lack of professionalism is what seems to be an issue here. Once you begin providing a product or service for money, there begins a certain amount of responsibility.

    As mentioned in my reply to your email, "My email, that of which was not uncommon from a disgruntled customer, did not use any foul language. And if it had, you should hold the burden of moral high ground. It's customer service 101." still holds.

    The following is a copy of my initial email in it's entirety. Please point out my harsh comment and/or not such nice wording. I'll refrain from posting either of your responses, it's not my style. However, I will not allow you to lie and/or disparage me any further.

    "Where's my password, etc?

    I joined your services via PayPal, was told I'd be sent an email, and NOTHING. I cant log-in and it claims the email I registered under isn't found.

    I may add, it was very difficult to find a way to reach you, if I in fact have.


    A copy of my receipt... [omitted]"
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    Why pay for this at all. Just use bittorrent and search for ATV4Windows, download and install or if your not a nub build it yourself.

    Given that the patchstick uses linux OSS (Linux bootloader) that carries explicit GPL licensing terms it must be returned to the community in the form of source code. So another option is to request the full source code and then compile it.

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