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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by the.sheepdog, Sep 23, 2010.

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    The playback is only so so. I look in the preferences and in audio out all I have listed is "headphones" ?

    Are their any other options for playback of you tube ? It wont even light up the bass box on the floor.

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    What is your exact problem?

    You probably have connected your external speakers via the headphone jack on your Mac (which exact/specific Mac btw?), thus the headphone is the listed output.

    Is there no sound or is the volume to low or is the sound sporadically switching off? How is the sound with the internal speakers if your Mac has any?
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    Yes I attached the speaker cable to the audio input on the back of the 2.14 Ghz twin intel cpu 21" iMac w snow leopard.

    The speakers play just wont throw bass from the bass box on the floor. and I did check it. it is OK.

    Is their software drivers available to add speaker option like in windoze?
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    I don't really know what Mac you have (as that Mac you stated to have does not exist - list of iMac models), but the subwoofer should be controlled via the subwoofer itself or one of the front speakers. When I used subwoofers, they had a bass control on the back side. Does yours?
    Maybe you can state the model and change the thread title accordingly and someone with that model could help, as your problem is independent of watching YouTube. It is a sound issue regarding your subwoofer.
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    not sure what you want really but the "about this mac" says:

    Mac OSX version 10.6.4
    2.16 GHz Intel core 2 duo
    4 GB 667 DDR2 SDRam
    Audio built in Intel High Def audio

    The Aztec Lansings are the ACS 33 twin speakers and one box woofer/bass. No controls on box. control on left speaker for volume only.
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    I was referring to this:

    which is not the same as:
    You either have a 20" or 24" iMac, as the 21.5" iMac was introduced in 10/2009. Sorry for being such a pedant, but the combination of your first stated Mac details did not match and created confusion.

    I don't know of a way to use those specific speakers, but in iTunes you can use the Equaliser and in VLC Player too. How to do that with YouTube is beyond me though. Has the manual nothing to say or the support site for those speakers?
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    no harm no foul sir.

    its 20". the sites I have found for the speakers say nothing about play thru to other software like browsers. If I play a you tube video all I have is the "Headphones only" option in the Preferences under sound.

    Maybe thats normal for the iMac. Even windoze has and option for small room large room concert hall, whatever. Bass boost, rock, vocal, etc.

    Mine? just headphones output.

    sigh. like I said maybe thats normal.
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    I remember those "settings", they were included with the sound card in Windows. I never came across such system wide equaliser settings in Mac OS X though, but as I use a normal stereo amplifier with my loudspeakers I never needed that. Hmm, maybe MRoogle can help you find something.

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