Discussion in 'iPod' started by mauly, Jul 17, 2005.

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    I've just put Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds onto iTunes! I've updated my iPod but found its in Music>Artists, how can I put it into Music>Audiobooks?

    Is it even possible to do this?
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    What do you mean you put it on iTunes? Your iTunes library or uploaded to the iTMS?

    Anyways, I don't know how to categorize something as an audiobook, as i have never downloaded one from the iTMS, nor do I know whether you can make it an audiobook without having bought it from the iTMS. I would try making the Genre audiobook or something, and see if that works... But I honestly have no idea.
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    I put it into my iTunes library from cd..
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    I don't think this is possible. Only audiobooks purchased from the iTMS or get placed in the audiobooks sub-menu. Audiobooks ripped from cd's do not.
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    thats a shame!
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    However you can make audiobooks you rip from CDs 'boomarkable', from the AAC format change the ending of the file from .m4a to .m4b
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    I've just looked on my iPod and changing the file from .m4a to .m4b also means it gets put it the audiobooks section.
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    Cool, how do I change the format AAC?
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    Go to preferences and on the 'importing' tab make sure the format is set to AAC. Then right click (this is for the PC) on the files you want to make AAC and select 'convert selection to AAC'.
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    Anyone know the Mac way?
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    The "Mac Way" is exactly like the way specified in the previous post, except that the preferences is located under the "Itunes" menu.
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    ? Its already set to Import Using: AAC Encoder!!!

    have replaced the A with a B! but its still the same!
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    On a mac, you need to change the hidden type and creator info not just the extension. I use a program called "quick change" and the type is "M4B " and creator is "hook" (note the space after the "M4B ".
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    I've manually changed the m4a to m4b for each track by bringing up the war of the worlds folder that way! So are you saying I have to add a blank space affter m4b?

    I've just downloaded a free audiobook, have just looked at the folder and it instead of m4b its .aa! why?
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    This iPodlounge article gives details on audiobooks. Look at the 'ripping your own audiobooks' section to find out what you need. Hope it helps.
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    I changed mine from m4a to m4b a while back and had no problems at all. I would still prefer to be able to add chapter markings too though.

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