August 13, 2002: Jaguar Released

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 13, 2006.

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    Ah Jaguar... The first OS X you could actually use.
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    Yep, mind you it doesn't feel like it when you use it after Tiger. Or even Panther for that matter... love my Exposé :D
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    Wonder Boy

    Tiger is good, but I still love Panther. It just feels more stable and stronger.
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    i started with 10.0

    that was something... lol
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    Isn't this thread a little premature?

    Jaguar, Mac OS X v10.2 was officially released on August 24, 2002.


    ...except for those of us who went to the pre-opening at 10:20 PM on the 23rd at our local Apple Store. :D

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    The first OS X update and the best. I like the expose feature added in pather, but since Jaguar, they'll seem like updates rather than major OS releases.
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    Yeah, it's strange that such a seemingly small feature is really the difference between a usable OS and an unusable one. I switched with Panther, though I've had occasion to use Jaguar on others' computers a fair amount, and the lack of Exposé really annoys me. Same thing happens when I'm on Windows.
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    I was new to Mac when Jaguar was the present OS. I used to make fun of Mac users but when my friend showed me what a Mac could really do I switched -- and I am happy I did. :)
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    Tell me about it... one time I was using an iMac G4 with Jaguar, and the volume was all the way up. I pressed F9 for Exposé and I was frightened by the error sound :(

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