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August 20, 1999: Apple Sues eMachines

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 20, 2006.

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    I remember that Gateway had a system called the Neo which was essentially an iMac, although it was beige and featured a floppy drive :p

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    neo? i had one of these it was called the astro. it was a tough little thing. but i hated having windows me and all.
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    Windows ME and those looks? How could they have gone wrong? :rolleyes: :eek:
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    it wasnt long before i decided to put windows 98 SE on. i have to say i really did liked that machine ... till the motherboard died. Gateway refused to allow me to get it repaired cause they said they no longer support it or some crazy talk like that. so, i just built my own computer.
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    Did it do the Superman? :p
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    i think it did! from what i recall..
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    It seems that they used different names in different countries. If I go to the old Gateway NZ site and try to download drivers for the Neo, it redirects me through to the Astro drivers on the US site.
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    As a point of reference, I believe this is the machine they're referring to. Leave it to eMachines to goose up a nice design.

    The eMachines eOne:


    EDIT: I remember that Gateway monstrosity. :)
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    eMachines suck horribly, figures that they try to (unsuccesfully) make a machine look good
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    I know! :rolleyes: Gateway is going to go down the tubes...
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    really. it started with their retail shops, then it's been all downhill for them. still, they're not doing badly in the tablet market.
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    gateway started to do terrible because they started marketing media pc's for living room use about 5 years before they were ready to.

    plasmas were too expensive, lcds too expensive and too small, no windows media center edition.

    now. gateway doubleplusungood.

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