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AUGUST Desktops

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by quidire, Jul 31, 2005.

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    It's August (1:42 AM) in Sydney, so lets see what people have to offer!

    I can't post screenshots from my new PM; When I use Apple's built-in screenshot function and use preview to convert to JPG and get the size as small as possible, its still too large to be uploaded to MR... Obviously I need another screenshot utility.

    I'll try to post a screenshot tonight (maybe even when its August here in DC)

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    Sorry I'm not posting mine for atleast another 7 hours and a few minutes, as it's still the 31st here!!

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    try somat called iResize, it was suggested to me from someone on here, and it works for me,,
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    Leeloo the 5th

    I'm in a LOTR mood now... Just found those nice icons.

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    city time.. :cool:

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    I know it's technically not August 1st here...

    but this is my first time posting a desktop! I'm a bit excited, I think it's cute. :eek:

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    Has anyone managed to find 1920x1200 (16:10 aspect ratio) versions of these wallpapers? I have them for my PB but none fit my PM...


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    It's still July in Germany but... whatever! I'll take my shot.

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    beige matchbox


    Ok, so i've had this one for a while, and it's still the 31st of July, chances are i wont be changing it for a while, so it should still be current by tomorrow, lol
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    still july but meh. i think i may have missed the july thread...windows desktop. mac sometime later.

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    This is the first desktop I ever made, and I love it!!!
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    Jaffa Cake

    I think I'm right in saying that the creator of these desktops didn't produce any at resolutions higher than 1600x1200, unfortunately.
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    I like my Icons!

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    Meh, It's still the 31st here in North Carolina.

    But what ev...

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    Just past midnight.

    I currently rotate 6 different desktops (which mean I'll have to post over two posts), first 5:

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    ...and the last one:

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    Greatest Thrash Metal Band EVER

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  20. EGT
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    Please! You must share! I've just bought a second hand mini cooper! :D Jet black outside, red leather inside.

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    Here's mine as of 12.30am on the 1st August 2005 :)
    It will change, i get so bored

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    Don't look at me-I'm the other guy

    I know it's a bad scan of a band I don't even like, but it still makes me laugh. I'll probably keep it for about a day.

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    This has been my desktop picture for about a month. At first it was incredibly creepy - I'd be working on something late at night, close all my applications, and see this psychotic-looking manimal glaring at me :eek:! Now I've come to enjoy the surreality of animals in formal clothing... or something :p.

    I'm using Clutter to generate the record covers on the left-hand side of the screen. They're not part of the desktop picture, they kinda sit on top. You can double-click on one and it'll start playing in iTunes. Brilliant!

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    HAHA hasta la vista.... i love it :D
    anyway here's mine.....
    edit - anyone know where i can find decent underwater pictures?

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