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August Desktops

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by iJawn108, Jul 31, 2008.

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    What font is that? It looks really cool.
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    here is my new one

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    still july in the morning ill put mine down :p
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    I don't remember
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    Little Big Planet, it promises to be amazing

    Edit; Link

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    If you want the wall send me a pm with your e-mail because it's too big to upload. :)
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    Wow, some great posts on here already. Here's mine, wallpaper is my own with my business logo.

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    i like your background. where did you get it?
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    Interesting. I like it! :D :cool:
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    Doing a lot of traveling this August...so this seem appropriate for the month!

    The original was posted in the July thread by Mikey-, and is orignally from Interfacelift.

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    New month, new desktop! Original image here.

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    Apple Ink

    Nice... I see the TUAW stacks are looking great;)
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    Picture of driftwood at Neah Bay in NW Washington.
    going to keep it to myself for now, but may offer it up next month

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    Here's mine!

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    Please include links when posting your desktops,some of those are sweet but how do we know where you got them from ???
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    I like... I download... I have ... :)
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    Glad you like! Enjoy! It's also my Login screen background.
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    Apple Ink

    How do you do that.... I'd love something else than purple as my Log In background!:D
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    August means college football is that much closer, I can't wait.

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    Still using this one:

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    My August wallpaper.

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    August Desktop

    I've always liked darker backgrounds, mainly because they are less distracting when in public.

    Link to Original at Interfacelift.

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