August MCAT Group Therapy Session

Discussion in 'Community' started by themadchemist, Jul 9, 2004.

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    Who else is in on the August 14 MCAT? Let's weep together and then go get 45's!
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    not i, but thinking of taking them next time around...

    best of luck to all of you- any idea where you want to study yet? i do limited research with the GeorgeWashingtonUniversity Hospital here in DC.
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    thanks...good luck to you when you take it. I'm in an undergrad program at NU that gives me a guaranteed seat @ Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. So that's cool. But I'm taking the mcat to try to get into some other places that I'd like to go.

    My choices, in approximate order:
    1. Harvard
    2. Duke
    3. Johns Hopkins
    4. Wash U
    5. U Penn (maybe?)

    I doubt I'll get into any of those, but we'll see.

    What kind of research are you doing at GWU? I'm going be doing some neuroanatomy work with a professor at NU med school after the MCAT this summer.
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    Good luck themadchemist, for we'll both be needing it :).

    MCAT 45! (or more accurately, MCAT 43 or higher--damn verbal)
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    Hehe, best of luck to you topicolo! I think they've moved back to the verbal on the 15-point scale. So NOW, if you get everything right, you can get your 45.

    Of course, that should be no sweat for the likes of us, eh? ;)

    So I must ask: What med schools are you looking at? And...what are your thoughts on test prep courses? I never did one for the SAT, but I did spring for it with the MCAT, handing to Kaplan a ridiculous amount of money for a classroom course and 15 hours of private tutoring.

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