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Austin, Texas

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by TomyDingo, Jun 16, 2009.

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    I reserved mine at the Apple store at The Domain.
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    Anyone else?
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    i'm in austin, I pre-ordered 2 at at&t and one at barton springs apple store. I can't decide how I'm going to get 2 tomorrow. I guess I might be able to get 1 from at&t and then 1 from apple.
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    AT&T South Park area, Ill be there around 4am, hopefully other people will be there as well. and Radio Shack might be a option too. the one on Slaughter and Manchaca i know the manager there. got my EVO from him.
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    Tigerdroppings FTW
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    Anyone else reserving their iPhone 4 at The Domain Apple store? I'm picking up the 32gb black one; Glad it was available and not the white (I seem to be on the minority there, but I think the black one looks much better). :D
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    If I get mine delivered early enough, I'll come by the domain to flaunt it. :D
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    I ordered mine to the Domain as well, will be getting there about 330-4:00 am. Think that should be sufficient enough?!
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    I think that should be plenty of time; I'll probably get there after you (4:30 or so) but maybe I'll drive by before I go to sleep and see if there's a line, since I live closeby.

    tasslehawf, I hope that even though you got yours delivered that I'll pick up my iPhone before you do :cool: I tried from 7am yesterday until 2pm trying to preorder for delivery with no luck, so I gave up and stuck with my iphone reservation at The Domain.
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    From what it seems if you were able to add an iphone to your cart by about 8-9p, that you could get it by the 24th. My order didn't go through for another hour.

    I placed a second order at AT&T earlier around 5p that I haven't received a confirmation but I'm pretty sure I didn't make the 24th cut-off. I'm going to call and cancel this one today.
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    I reserved mine for pick up at the Domain as well. Does anyone have a clue for about how long I can expect to wait in line? For you people showing up at 4am, do you expect that the line will be longer than 3 hours at other times or will you be doing it so that you can be of the first and play with it all day?

    I don't mind waiting in line but do you think that there will be an optimum time when the line will probably be the shortest? It seems like 7am is when the line might be the longest because everyone will have already lined up. I can really show up at any point in the day.

    I've never done a launch day pick up before so I was just curious about what other people's Austin experiences were like.

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    I have never done this either haha, just willing to show up EARLY (about 4:00 AM) to not have to wait in a huge line, and get in and out as quick as possible.
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    With both the original iphone and the iphone 3g, I've waited in long, long lines at the Domain.... so I'm expecting there to be a long time for the iPhone 4 as well. For me, 4am is a good time to arrive, hopefully early enough to be within the first hour or so of sold phones but maybe not early enough to be one of the first 10 people to get a phone, so I won't have to wait around during the working day (past 8am) to get my iPhone.
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    yeah im not expecting to be in and out within 10 minutes or so, just dont want to be waiting for hours (other than the 3+ I will be for opening) one hour is fine with me. hmmmm what to do for the 3 hours of waiting.....:confused::confused:
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    Last year's launch was handled poorly. The reserved line was 20x longer than the non-reserved line and yet the reserve line had only one more Apple store employee handle the purchases. Suffice to say, the non-reserve line moved faster and everyone in the reserve line was getting pissed off. With 4 being sold out online, hopefully that kind of mismanagement is not an issue.

    ETA: Last year, I got in line around 8:15 and left with a phone around 1pm...
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    A friend whose coming along and I are going to be playing Mario Kart or New SMB with our DSis, so hopefully that'll keep us busy enough.
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    I didn't pre-order, is there anyway I'd still be able to get the phone? Are all the phones reserved?
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    I imagine there were some allotted that couldn't be reserved.
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    Pre-Ordered two 16GB iPhones!
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    What time u guys think deliveries will occur? Morning? Any past experience with delivered pre orders in the atx? Mine went prepared for shipment today :)
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    I reserved one at Barton Creek when I couldn't get an order to go through. However, a couple hours later I finally got an order completed so I gave my brother my reservation. I keep telling him he needs to get there early. I hope he listens. Can't go with him now because I agreed to fly to Phoenix for the day once I got my order confirmed.

    On a side note, I am not even sure where he should go early. That's the problem with an indoor mall location. I am sure the mall will be locked up. I can only guess the line will form at the closest door (I'm guessing by Cali pizza kitchen). But not sure. Guess I may swing by there this weekend to ask.
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    I am gonna try the small att stores
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    My Apple order got canceled but they got me in for a reservation at the Domain. Anyone know what their lining up/camping situation will be?
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    So how long was the line when the store opened last year?

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