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Austin, TX

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by Invis, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Will anyone else be in attendance at The Domain?

    I actually live in The Domain, so it is a short walk for me.
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    Austin, TX

    No Austinites? Come on....

    I'm going to hit up the Domain Apple store off Century Oaks Terrace, who wants to meet me there?

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    I may join you there. I was thinking about hitting up the new AT&T store in Cedar Park because I figured traffic would be lighter there. However, if there are enough of us doing this I could be persuaded to go to the Domain.
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    That's what I thought

    I was thinking the same exact thing until I read this post. Apparently others have the idea "I'll go to the new AT&T store in 1890 Ranch since not as many people will be there." Might have to rethink that.
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    Hey Spud,

    I'm ok with meeting you at the Cedar Park store, I'm starting to think the Domain apple store may get a bit crowded. I'm not sure what this guy above is talking about with 1800 ranch. Anyway, let me know what you think.
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    "This guy above" is talking about the shopping center "1890 Ranch" where the new AT&T store is. That would be the *new* store referenced above.
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    there are actually two other Austin threads.. someone didn't search.. ;)

    but anyway, i'll be @ the domain location.
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    Just went by the ATT store at 1890 ranch tonight. Asked the reps if many people had been asking about iPhone 3G or inquiring about "camping out." He said I was the first person to ask about the new iPhone. I'm still thinking I'm going to go there instead of the Apple Store @ The Domain. I think at least one of my fellow co-workers will also be there. Unless I see a line forming Thursday on my way to work, I'll probably set up shop on Thursday evening.
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    If he said you were the first person to ask about the new iPhone, he either lied or doesn't work very often. I went in almost 2 weeks ago to ask about the iPhone and there were other people there asking about it too. The guy I talked to said they were expecting ~300 iPhones (I don't know if I believe him, but that's what he said). I think I'll be showing up at 9 to hopefully just grab and go.
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    I think I'll be at The Domain. I'm not sure how it's going to be handled this year. I called Apple this morning, and they didn't seem to know either. Just basically said line up. Last year, Domain security said no one could line up until the first shops opened (8 or 10am). So, people just stood around (not in a line) until the magic time appeared until everyone walked quickly to get into line. That was poor planning on Apple and the Domain's side.

    With the opening at 8am, I'm not sure what Domain security is going to do if people start lining up at at 5 or 6am.
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    I am not eligible for upgrade and, given my previous employment with AT&T, I am considered business customer. I will have to go to AT&T store. I may swing by the domain for accessories after I buy the phone. Do you guys know if I will be able to just walk in and look for and buy accessories separate from the people lined up at the Apple Store to buy the phone?

    I posted in the Domain thread first but, I need to go to AT&T store due to "business" status from my previous employment with AT&T. I live in West Lake Hills, but was considering going to the AT&T store at 360 and 183. It is a large store and also close to the Domain if I need plan B. The AT&T store in West Lake is teeny and I figure that Barton Creek will be crowded.

    Do you guys know from last year if I will be able to walk right into the Domain Apple Store to buy accessories after buying my phone at AT&T or will I have to wait behind people looking to buy the phone?
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    Well, nobody's lined up yet, at least.

    (I work nearby, so I walk through the Domain between work and my bus stop.)

    I probably won't be lining up at 8am, as I have events scheduled at 8:30am. Does anyone know if Apple'll have the online store-availability-checker like they had last year? I might swing by after work if they're not sold out.
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    Merged 2 threads for the same area.
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    As a fairly new resident of Austin (i.e., post first iPhone launch), how quickly did the Domain sell out last time around? And how did it fare regarding re-stocking?

    I'm trying to decide between going there or a fairly small AT&T store down the street from me (that is selling the iPhone but just due to it size likely won't get many).
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    Drove by the ATT store in 1890 Ranch this morning on my way to work and saw no line. I'll of course check on my way home. I'm thinking that if there is no line by 10:00 p.m. tonight, I'll just get at least a few hours of sleep and show up at 6:00 a.m. or thereabouts.
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    I am betting that anytime before 7AM at an AT&T store in Austin should be good enough. I want a chance at a white one (game time decision). Think I need to get there closer to 6AM.

    I am planning on the one at 183 and 360. Anybody see a reason why that would be particularly good or bad or have other suggestions?

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    The Domain didn't sell out until Sunday or Monday last time.

    You can't line up before 6am per The Domain security. It would probably be easier to go later in the day than right at opening or at lunch if the quantities are similar to last year.
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    Where'd you hear about the 6am issue? Not that I don't trust you :cool: I just wasn't aware.

    And the question is now, is there going to be a line to get into the line?
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    I've been calling the Apple Domain store all week trying to get this answer since last year The Domain security were sticklers about it. Today, the Apple store finally said 6am is the earliest we can line up (per The Domain). I think it's stupid to have an arbitrary time like this because as you say - there could be a line for the line. Last year, the people there before the line up time (8 am I think) were milling around until 8am hit, and dashed for the line. Frankly, security should have let people line up instead of milling around.
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    Ugh. That whole "dash for the line" thing is seriously going to make me reconsider going to the domain....

    Although I guess it means I could get a bit more sleep then I intended.
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    What time?

    You guys are lucky...In my area they are all sold out...New York, NY.
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    lines anywhere???

    besides the domain
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    There were about 200ish people lined up when I walked by twenty minutes ago.

    Glad I didn't have my hopes up too high on getting an iPhone today. :)
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    Any reports from Austin-area AT&T stores? What are the lines like? Have any of the stores sold out today?

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