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Australia placed on tsunami alert.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by DeSnousa, Apr 1, 2007.

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    I hope it's not going to be as serious as they are predicting :(

    Link to full article
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    just heard on tv (today show). meteorologists say that it will only be 20cm high and not very serious.
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    Haha, 20 cm. I was body surfing in 150 cm waves yesterday. :p
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    what exactly would a tsunami warning mean? is evacuation mandatory? and if the wave was serious, where would the residents of these low lying islands even have a place to evacuate to?
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    there are a few higher places in north queensland like cook town (apparently)
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    20cm sounds rather harmless.
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    there was supposed to be a 1 - 2m tsunami that was going to hit the west coast of NZ aswell.
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    nothing happened. this is old news now.
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    My limited understanding is that tsunami are not very high, but they are very wide (deep?) and travel much faster than normal waves.

    Hence a normal 4m high storm wave is maybe 3m from front to back, and would crash into the shore then roll back, so but a 2m high tsunami is maybe 500m from front to back, so when it crashes onto the shore, it just keeps on coming and coming all the way inland.

    I'm just guessing at my numbers here, and I welcome corrections, but that's my estimate from looking at what happened last year.
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    Was never really a problem for Oz. It's got its best natural defences facing that direction, namely 2000 kilometres of offshore reef.
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    Thanks for the clarification RedTomato. :)
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    I'm sure John Howard would put a spin on things and claim that immediately our drought problems are over
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    LOL. How very true :D
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    This was the worse disaster since the rain some people experienced last weekend! They couldn't go to the beach, and had to stay indoors somewhat. :(

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