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Australian Federal Election

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by jake.f, Aug 21, 2010.

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    Could be days before we find out whats going to go down!
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    Can anyone say Florida and hanging chads?
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    Lord Blackadder

    Tony Abbott's notions on constitutional monarchy:

    LOL on several levels. :rolleyes:
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    Nah, it's just like your Congress being split 215 apiece after a straightforward election count with 5 Independents from rural Minnesota and Wyoming suddenly in the position to demand pork barrelling to the max to negotiate which of the two big parties will actually control the House and run the govt. Internet broadband to Woop Woop! Ban Filipino banana imports! Roads to Alaska! They're basically sitting on Santa's knee with their long lists of wishes for their constituents which the two big Parties will outdo each other to grant (thereby guaranteeing these Independents will get relected next time as well), which the rest of us common schmucks will have to pay for now...

    And seeing as our nation's leader is the leader of the party controlling the House of Representatives, we don't gots no Prime Minister at the moment until they do pork barrel these Independents to get their support. The place seems to be running just fine so far this week without one. ;)
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    Lord Blackadder

    In the US, there is literally only one thing that both Republicans and Democrats always agree on, and that is that they don't want to see any more political parties. The smattering of independents out there almost always vote with one or the other party 99% of the time.

    I imagine the situation in Australia is that the independents and Greens will be wooed - until the very first opportunity to dump them occurs, at which point they'll be discarded posthaste.
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    Yep, they usually do that here too, but this time around sufficient number of voters didn't want either of them enough to hold their nose and vote for the other one. Usually if there's someone you can't vote for you can always find someone to vote against. This election also had the highest number of 'informal' nobody at all votes for three decades I think.

    Haha, going on what I said previously about them granting the Independents' wishes, the political cartoons are reflecting this - one has an independent asking "can I have a pony?". Another one is asking for a rocketship to send one of his cows over the Moon and the big party leaders are nodding in agreement, yep, we can give you that... :)
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    So...Labor is in, can I have my broadband...please?
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    My name is Alex

    I want broadband. This election got the award for the most boring campaign. Ever.

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